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December Crafty To Do List Or Not

After discovering I probably over-twisted all previous handspun…..(my spinning enabler, Laura gave me some tips and reassurence)

  • ❌SWATCH: red 3 ply problem yarn (hoping to knit another Ketterdam shawl)
  • ✔SWATCH: black 4 ply problem yarn. I did untwisted this one a bit before it was set. (Hoping to knit a mosaic pattern that looks like Japanese ikat) 

    Hot mess of plied yarn before setting the twist

  • ❌Continue developing a default spin (falling behind now): Wool n’ Spinning Patreon workshop and the December homework on ratios (no clue yet)
  • ❌Wool n’ Spinning Patreon Fibre Club project
  • ❌Wool n’ Spinning Color Theory project
  • ❌Go through the Craftsy class, Worsted to Woolen Yarn by Jacey Boggs
  • ✔️Sweet Georgia fiber (Black Friday sale)
  • ✔️Kimber’s shop Fiber Optic
  • ✔Then get right back on fiber/yarn diet
  • ✔️Gave the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel a spa day. 400 grit sandpaper all surfaces including the new bobbins and 2 coats of Danish oil  
  • ✔️Play with my new tool, Amish style yarn swift

    New Amish styled swift by George Sichterman


  • ✔️Deadline: very soon! Cardigan for friend’s new granddaughter (Harvey kimono by Louis Harding)
  • ❌Deadline: later. Baby booties, another Baby kimono and a baby poncho 
  • ✔Finish Ketterdam shawl by Laura Linneman in the 3 ply red handplied yarn. Knitting with Director’s Interpretation, Soliliquy, by Leading Men Fiber Arts instead. 

    Lovely texture on Ketterdam shawl

  • ❌Swatch cardigan (not even thinking about it)
  • ❌Finish yellow grey socks & start another pair (didn’t touch)

    1st sock almost done

  • ✔❌Hat & cowl with Problem yarn (overdyed Swish DK) Created a hat but not cowl. 

Hand sewing:
If you are on Instagram there’s a tag #slowfashion you might find interesting. 

  • ✔️ Done: 2 back panels finished of hand stitching the Magdalene stencil
  • ✔️Done: Handstitch 1 front panel

    Last bits of hand stitching on front panel

  • ❌Handstitch last front panel
  • ❌Stitch seams & facings of A line dress
  • ❌Stencil next project to start in January. (grey) (new leaf)(long fitted skirt/tank top)

Slanted Stitches Etsy shop:

  • ❌ Momentum has turned into inertia
  • ✔️Officially closing the shop

Or work on these

  • Fortune cookie bag – blue
  • Purple take-out bags
  • Turquoise Japanese knot bags
  • Forest take-out bags


  • ✔️Rake leaves (still haven’t fallen)
  • Finish mulching
  • ✔️care for veggies

Wishing These Magically Get Done:

  • Marbling more fabric for Japanese bento bags. (make wire holders & order Orvis soap) 
  • Create practice Alabama Chanin jacket from Craftsy class. (Grey woven linen) Rethinking this whole project. 
  • Triptych painting in hall way (start sketches)
  • Paint dining room walls & ceiling Step 1: pick colors (Dover white & Sedate gray) New colors on top row, old colors below 
  • Declutter and organize studio, attic and garage 

    Ugly mess of a garage

Or lower expectations and go with the flow of the season and move the list to January. 

I’m starting to like the last idea. 

Chat with you next week. 


October Crafty List

Creating the list last month seemed to help me check off a lot of languishing projects. That or being at home, instead of on a roadtrip makes a difference.  

Either way, I like setting this up as a regular thing. A monthly list makes sense for now. 

October Crafty List:



  • ✔️ Doing: Start the On the Spice Market shawl by Melanie Berg. Using Leading Men Fiber Arts Soliliquy gradient in Midnight Rendezvous and Black Trillium in Black Jewel. Participate in Melanie’s gradient KAL 

    On The Spice Market shawl progress

  • Select yarn for Ketterdam shawl by Laura Linneman Favorite candidate: Leading Men Fiber Arts Soliliquy (interesting that Laura is currently doing the same.)
  • Swatch cardigan  
  • ✔️ Done: Finish Sister’s Christmas socks 

    Faux Wave sock pattern by Ann Budd,Regia yarn

  • Finish SSK socks, use Susan B Anderson’s SOS pattern 

Hand sewing:

I really like is switching between hand stitching and knitting when my hands get tired off one repetitive activity. Good thing, since I bought so much fabric already. 

If you are on Instagram there’s a tag #slowfashionoctober you might find interesting. 


  • ✔️ Done Get supplies for stenciling 
  • ✔️ Done: Swatch stencil paint colors for teal A-line dress or tunic (procrastinating…scared?!?)
  • ✔️ Done: Recut Maggie stencil 
  • ✔️ Done Cut fabric for teal tunic
  • ✔️ Done: Stencil teal tunic pieces
  • Hand stitch tunic pieces

Slanted Stitches Etsy shop:

  • ✔️ Done: Problem solve cable snaps
  • ✔️ Done: Finish Romi’s fortune cookie bag
  • ✔️Done: Eloise’s DPN holder
  • Fortune cookie bag – blue
  • ✔️Starting Purple take-out bags
  • Turquoise Japanese knot bags
  • Forest take-out bags


  • ❌ Fail. Botanical garden plant sale did not include veggies. 
  • ✔️ Done: Got veggies plants at local garden center
  • ✔️Done: Transition summer annuals to fall-winter plants. 
  • ✔️ Done: installed soaker hose to the dry sunnier yard. 
  • ✔️ Done:Start more veggies seedlings in the ground. Skip the trays. 

General Decluttering: not even thinking about these

  • Studio (straighten fabric, thread, patterns) SO NEEDED!
  • Kitchen (counter tops & pantry)

Wishing These Magically Get Done:

  • Marbling more fabric for Japanese bento bags. (make wire holders & order Orvis soap) 
  • ✔️done. Find label solution (source equipment/tools) 

    Prototype labels for shop bags

    Pyrographic leather labels for custom bags

  • Start grey fitted tank and skirt, and navy a-line dress.
  • Create practice Alabama Chanin jacket from Craftsy class. (Grey woven linen) Rethinking this whole project. 
  • Triptych painting in hall way (start sketches)
  • Paint dining room walls & ceiling
  • Every month declutter and organize one area. 


Giant Crafty To Do List

Yeah…I wrote this up on paper. 

Writing a huge list is first overwhelming then somehow switches to motivational. Maybe because I like ✔️s. 

 I’ll tackle the easy, almost-done things first. Mainly to quickly shorten the list. But also, like TheKnitGirllls annual Stashdash, a way to clean out older projects to make room for the newest distraction. 

Another thing is tackling a lot of these in 15-30 minute slots a day. Unfortunately the last stuff on the list are bigger week long projects. 

Then on a break, I saw an Instagram posted sale at Miss Babs for BFL fingering weight yarn undyed. Took no time to think about it, whipped out the credit card very fast. But I’m not going to add one more thing to my big to-do list. It’s instead going directly into the craft closet for a while. Sigh. I should delete my yarn feed for a while. (Yep, Done…✔️ Deleted over 75 fiber vendors from my Instagram & Feedly accounts. )


  • Finish plying the blue bat. 

    Half done. Combined indie fibers

  • Ply the Rose Quartz roving. 

    Singles of Palanca Farms about to be plyed

  • Start spinning a 3 ply (select which fibers).


  • Select yarn for Ketterdam shawl 

    Favorite candidate: Leading Men Fiber Arts Soliliquy

  • Finish Leslee’s socks

    Leslee’s socks

  • Start Sister’s Christmas socks, use a Sock Architecture pattern
  • Start SSK socks, use Susan B Anderson’s SOS pattern

    Next sock projects

Hand sewing:

  • Add business card pocket for my handbag
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish right pocket detail on Alabama Chanin A-line tunic 
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish felling seams on Alabama Chanin fitted dress. 
  • neckline & arm holes for Alabama Chanin fitted dress
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish cutting Alabama Chanin New Leaf stencils
  • Start Alabama Chanin Paisley stencil
  • Swatch stencil paint colors for teal, grey, navy knits

Slanted Stitches:

  • Romi’s fortune cookie bag
  • Eloise’s DPN holder
  • Turquoise take-out bags
  • Turquoise Japanese knot bags
  • Forest take-out bags


  • Marbling fabric
  • Screen print fabric


  • Triptych painting in hall way

    At least they are on the wall.

I’m not going to let you see how long the house to do list is. Sigh. 

I’m going to go checkout Instagram for a while…

And did it again. Published before I was finished thinking/writing/photos about this. Oh well. 


Spring Mad Dash

I feel like the starter gun has just been shoot and I’m in a race to get EVERYTHING done before the sweltering heat and humidity of summer arrives for good.  I’m still learning to live in the south.  The hard lesson is not to procrastinate on any outdoor to-do list tasks. Suck it up and get it done.  (It was much easier this year because Hubby took some vacation days.)


Three double windows, front and patio doors were upgraded and replaced, hopefully so they don’t need refinishing every other spring.  Waited several years before making the investment. So glad we finally did. The difference in temperature and noise is significant. 

New front doors being installed. Definely not a DYI project.


The old front doors are waiting for some interior decorating DIY. I’m hoping to silver leaf the windows for a giant hall mirror. 

Along with painting the entry and dining room. It’s a symptom of upgrade creep. New doors shows off old scuffed walls. 


Added motion sensor outdoor lights to the darkest walkways. 

Since not all windows were replaced, we just refinished six.  They will need a third cost of paint as soon as the rain stops. The rest of the windows will have to wait until the fall.  

Note to self: next house should be single story!  Or maybe in the next few years we’ll replace the remaining pair of upstairs windows. 


white bleeding hearts & solomon’s seal



A few early spring flowers get me out in the yard.  Hummmm…maybe I should plant more spring flowers that are not white.  Rain wakes up all seeds, e.g., lots of weeds. And I want to get them before they get bigger or start to seed. Already too late for one kind of weed that is spring loaded.  As soon as I touched it, seeds shoot out in all directions.  

Note to self: gets these guys before they flower!  

Splurged at the annual plant sale on ferns for the shade garden and stonecrop for the sunny yard.  Who knew a zero lot house would have such different microclimates?

I am very grateful that we did not buy a house with a large garden. Now that I’ve attacked the weeds that survived last winter and any new seedlings, maintainence will hopefully be just an hour or so a week. 

It feels so good to checked that off my to-do list. 


One last big project still on the garden to-do list. Dig out the wild ginger. It’s too aggressive and taking over other plants. Beautiful plant, nicely scented, but it’s behaving like mint or bamboo. It’s becoming a pest. 


Next week, I’ll be tackling Mom’s yard, much bigger than mine.  But it’s a delicate to work in her yard, lots of song birds come to the waterfall. Bluebirds, finches, mockingbirds, cardinals, sparrows, squirrels and rabbits. Last year we counted 4 nests (robins & mockingbird). 

Last day in the nest, 2014

Chat with you next week. 

Post script:  a few blogs are starting to post about spring cleaning. I’ll add more as I see them. 

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