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Winter Wonderland 

How many times does it snow in the South? MAYBE once or twice a year. 

Fresh falling snow is an unicorn moment for macro photographers, including amateurs like me. 

This time, I was prepared. 

  • A platform with dark fleece left outside to be at ambient temperature. 
  • Down hooded coat, fingerless gloves & snow pants and snow boots to keep me warm
  • Heated beanbag (for me and the phone)
  • Small tripod and macro len on camera/phone. 

I goofed with the phone. It shutdown after 10 mins from the cold.  Recharging it gave me time to evaluate the first batch of pictures.  Out of focus and snowflake selection were issues, leaving only a few are saved. 

The white ones weren’t very interesting. You can’t see much detail. They look like they have frost on them. So next time, find more interesting snowflakes. 

And fortunately, it continued to come down and I had a second chance. 

Last bit of advise…Slip the phone next to the heated bean bag between shots, to keep it from shutting down and my hands warmer. 

And last last bit of advise…patience. 

Next time I might try velvet or velveteen for the background. 

I had so much fun! 

Technical information: 

  • Camera- iPhone 6 Plus default camera, olloclip 15x lens, cheap/useless mini-tripod. 
  • Background- Black fleece, glass pie plate
  • Editing app-Snapseed free version. All the snowflake pictures were edited for contrast, rotated & cropped. 

I JUSTED learned about winter sowing seeds. I’ll post about it next week. Right now I’m waiting for seeds ordered from Southern Exposure

Just in time for crazy weather change from the 20s to 60s.