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Neglect & Chaos

Gone is that wonderful energy I had to sew every possible bag in all the wonderful fabrics. 

Blame it on the weather change (every muscle and joint aches) and of course, last week’s election. No saying anything else, except I am praying, he will really turn to God).

Order and peace are needed right now. Illness, travel & studio time equals neglect and chaos all around the house. I have reached my threshold of frustration. The trigger:  One lost knitting book I need for the baby sweater. Still haven’t found it. 

Kind of, sort of, using the Marie Kondo criteria of joy sparking to clean things out. 

I can tackle one chaotic spot a day. 

First chaos:  ✔️ Done: 4 months of bank and credit card statements.  I know, good to get it done. Bad, it’s not a regular monthly chore.  I need to do some navel gazing to figure out what my problem is. I got it all done in about 2 hours and I feel a heavy burden lifted. Ridiculous. I use to use as a post-task reward was solitaire. It was to only time I allowed for the game. I need to figure out another pairing…a once a month reward. Hmmm…

Second chaos: ✔️ Done: My side of the master closet. The schizophrenic fall season lasted more than a month. So unusual…usual is 1-2 weeks. Good time to eliminate what I didn’t wear this summer and move next summer’s joy sparking clothes to the back of the closet. And do a honest sort of winter wear.  I am trying the turn the hanger hook backwards on the things you use the least. Get rid of them at the end of the season. 

Third chaos:  ✔️ Doing:The kitchen. Not planning any holiday parties. No big family gatherings. Just time to be honest about what is really used in the kitchen now that we are on the ketogenic diet. 5 sets of cabinets done. 2 more to do the rest of this week. 

Fourth chaos: The craft closet. Time to line up the next projects for SSK 2017 KALs. The instructors are Jillian Moreno, David Schultz, Ann Budd (it’s her Sweater book that’s missing) and Lee Meredith. 

Fifth chaos: The garage, the junk drawer on a grand scale. Saving this for the weekend.

Sixth chaos: I should be ready to clean up the studio by then. 

Chaos I’m not ready to tackle yet:

  • The attic (the second grand junk drawer)
  • The living room  (old photographs & books)

KonMari: Small & Long Term Projects

What is wrong with me?

  • I’m knitting hats instead of shawls. 
  • I haven’t gotten back to the digital decluttering. 
  • I’ve no energy to work in the studio. 
  • I couldn’t even figure out what to chat about last week. 

Fatigue from a 1-2 punch combination of a new diet I started after Christmas and slight anemia.

Small projects will continue, until I start feeling better. 

This Week: The Fridge

The reason I picked the fridge….I KNOW there’s almond flour somewhere in there somewhere. I need it for a new-to-me recipe and the new-to-me diet. 

Yikes! There’s a lot of old stuff lurking in the back corners and plenty that no longer fit in my diet. 



See this drawer, stuffed from moving all the grains into the fridge when we changed to the slow carb diet last year. The vitamins will stay. We have been pretty happy with the slow carb changes. But now it is time to truly say goodbye to the SAD (Standard American Diet) and throw it out. 

Long Term Project: Ketogenic Diet

Slow carb was last year. This year is the ketogenic low carb high fat diet.  I thought I could do the simple & easy version using the modified Atkins. It’s been around 10-15 years, with plenty of books.  

But in my case, I am not doing it for weightloss. Nope, I have a newly diagnosed chronic blood disease (starting with fatigue & anemia) called CLL. And I’m hoping that the ketogenic diet will slow the progression to nill.

I found out this week what my fatigue and foggy head is, the Keto flu. It’s the transition from the body/brain using glucose as the primary energy to ketones. The anemia is from CLL and I’m hoping the Keto diet will help with it. (I am not under the watchful eye of a nutritionist or functional medicine practitioner.)



Yes, I found the almond flour. It’s in the freezer for now. (The freezer will be next week’s small-big project.) 

Now I have to find the recipe. 

I’ll have a few more posts soon about CLL and ketogenic diet later. 

Have a wonderful week. 

KonMari Method Fail: Digital

Last week I published & then deleted a post about using the KonMari idea for my digital life. I was premature in that posting. I’m still not sure I’m ready to publish this. But here goes….

I thought the trip to Baltimore would be the ideal time to work on digital stuff. Unfortunately, I broken the first guideline of the KonMari method to gather EVERYTHING together to do the sorting. I completely forgot about my previous digital life before smart phones, an old laptop and really old Mac.  The Mac is so old, Apple refuses to let me even bring it in to the store. “We no longer have parts for this, so we can not be responsible for anything that could happen while in our possession.” And I haven’t even turned them on since I got this phone. 

AND the real failure was forgetting that my digital life was more about memories. Marie Kondo’s mandate saving mementos for last. Maybe I’ll update in a few months…when I can face those memories. 

On a better note, others have been thinking the same thing about cleaning up their digital life. 

Note To Self, an WNYC podcast, ran a week long experience called Infomagical. Their focus was on more about returning our smart phones back into a resource & tool for instead of the time waster it has become. 

This episode, Infomagical Challenge 2: Magical Phone, does a bit of the KonMari decluttering of apps on your phone. 

Of course I took it too far. 

I heard more on another podcast. So sorry, I can’t find that episode or which podcast.  I might have unsubscribed prematurely. Oops. Yet another fail. Ok, now I’m feeling desperate to find that podcast.  Searching ‘konmari digital clutter’….the main discovery, I’m late to this whole project. Still can’t find that podcart. 

I did find a extensive interview on GoodReads. Turns out my first fail was bogus & was an overreach of the method. Marie suggests gathering all RELATED FILES/documents/photographs into ONE folder, like the last family reunion. Keep the best of theses. 

Should have researched more before starting this. Sigh…More work to do. 
Chat with you next week.  

Everything Will be Vertical: KonMari Method

I didn’t think I need this book. ‘I can figure this out without her help.

I would clean, organize, & declutter when guests come & I loved how it feels.  But just like an ocean tide, all the floxum and jetsam floats right back on all the horizontal surfaces.  It was a constant battle. And much easier to ignore, than deal with it. 

5 million copies of Marie Kondo’s first book, ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up’ have been sold. Ok, maybe she’s got some tips I could use. 

My copy came through a 4 week old reserve request at the local library. Hey, I knew her focus was on elimination. So why buy the book, to then get rid of it?

When I asked if they also had the new book, ‘Spark Joy.’ Nope, but she said there are 17 people waiting in reserve after me for the Tidying book.  Lots of New Year’s resolution list? (Hmmm, maybe I should have put my name back on the reserve list.)


Chaos surrounding tidying potential

All that to say I have a two week check out time limit to read and start implementing the process. 

I can see a lot of rolled eyes and shaking heads of my knitting friends. Y’all probably think I’ve crossed to the other side. All I know that the chaos in my house makes me a bit crazy. But I also reserve the right to not touch my yarn/fiber/fabric stash until I am good and ready.

The book is an easy read. A lot makes sense. It comes from a different angle than what you would find on Pinterest where ‘Organize’ equals clever storage solutions.  Her focus is on elimination, keep only what ‘sparks joy.’ What you decide to keep are things you cherish and enjoy. She doesn’t care if you divide into giveaway or toss. It’s more about clearing out the psychological/emotional reasons for keeping stuff. You are really clearing away all the old decisions, indecisions, all the if-onlys, the what-ifs or the just-in-cases. They have done their job and it’s time for them to move on. 

I had two A-Ha moments. 

One of the first exercises she goes through before, ask what I want the house to be and why and why and why. I discovered that my clutter is really a scattered bunch of procrastinated to-dos weighing me down to a catatonic escape into social media. My drugs of choice are Instagram, Pinterest, and Feedly. I will deal with them later. 

The other was her comment about loungewear. Have the same respect & criteria for your loungewear as your public clothes. Ok, here was my downfall, I had relegated all the wrong color, wrong size, old tattered & stained and no joy stuff to my at-home-no-one-will-see-me-except-hubby loungewear. 

Other than loungewear, I was already pretty organized with just a few blind spots. Ha! Wrong! A Saturday project with some modifications in the process was all I needed. Ha! Wrong! I’m writing this on Sunday and am about half way through the process. 

Maybe if I simply stuck with her method of taking every single item and seeing if it sparked joy could have been faster. Instead, I needed to try on everything. Ok, not everything, at least clothes that I wasn’t sure fit.

Surprise! I fit into some much loved clothes & found long forgotten things that are now back in circulation. I did 10,000 steps between my bedroom & closet. 

I eliminated what was too small, too large, didn’t look good and didn’t spark joy. Good bye to sweats, skirts and dresses I wore 30 years ago, hand-me-downs, & never worn. Only pulled two items from the give-away pile.

Do you think big shoulder pads will ever come back?  I am keeping one favorite big shouldered jacket from the 80s. Really wishful thinking about those big shoulders. I tossed a shoebox full of old shoulder pads.  


The no joy pile of clothes

So far so good. 

Next, are the accessories, shoes, handbags, shawls, etc.

 She didn’t specifically talk about shawls or scarves. Her only edict is that everything must be visible and stacked side by side. This drawer makes me very happy to seeing everything at once.  But I don’t like rolling them.  I have to figure out a better solution. 

Handknit shawl drawer



  • 5 bags to giveaway
  • 3 items to rework 
  • 2 items to over dyeing 
  • 3 empty shelves
  • A very happy person

Post-process morning-after:

I was a bit lost this morning. There’s no grunge clothes I use to wearing. This will be more of a mental/habitual adjustment than tossing stuff.