My first sewing machine was a little shiny red hand-crank child’s machine.  Pre-Federal safety standards.  You know what?  You only have to sew through your thumb once to learn a quick lesson.  I still remember the blood and pain.  Fortunately that didn’t stop me.  My first “finished”project was a teal pill box hat and a matching sheath dress for Barbie.  If you are thinking Jackie Kennedy, you are correct. Which means you can probably guess my age.  Oh, the Camelot days….

Oh, the good ole days were only good for normal people.  Unless you are a 1960’s vintage enthusiast, you wouldn’t know that ready-to-wear clothing fitted only NORMAL people.  I was not NORMAL.  At a minimum, ready-to-wear had to be altered to fit or you start from scratch.  Who did that?  Your mother or grandmother did it, you did it, or you took it to a tailor.  4H was my answer.  Yep, 4H taught kids more than farm animals and crops.  What I learned I turned into county and state blue ribbons for several years.  Before you think I was so pro-active, Mom decided we shouldn’t sit and watch Saturday morning cartoons.  I’m forever grateful.

Studied to be a horticulturist, quilter, graphics designer, jewelry artist.  Loved the processes, loved taking classes and workshops, but couldn’t handle the isolation in the studio.  Inbetween studies, I’ve worked for a couple of museums, training center, consulting group, and two wonderful fiber artists, Jan Newbury Myers (hand-dyed art quilts) and Tim Harding (silk garments and wall hangings).

Knitting came late, just in the last few years. I did not come willingly.  I came kicking and screaming.  “I can’t start another craft obsession or another stash!”

I deeply regret my resistance.  This is the first time I feel normal.  But I can’t just knit.  I live in the South.  How many sweaters, scarves, or shawls can a Southerner wear?   OK, socks are the exception.  ‘Cause I can still use more socks.

And I’m late to the party with blogging.  I should have done this years ago.  But this blog is about my newest journey into the e-commerce world of knitters and sewists.

Thank you, Eloise, Gail, Kelly and Maggie for all your encouragement and general kick in the pants to get going!!!


ravelry: slantedstitches and jio

1 thought on “About

  1. mulchandmorecrafts

    Yep, 4-H was a great learning tool for me also, sewing and horse club were my favorite. and the needle I put in my finger was from a treadle sewing machine 🙂
    Your bag in your etsy shop is cute, have you tried craft shows or even a consignment boutique for local sales?


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