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February Crafting List

My 2017 word is Home. Keeping it simple but open to lots of interpretation. 

SSK KALs have started, so most of my focus will be on these until July. You might get bored with my Crafting List, since it will be all Ann Budd and Lee Meredith designs.  Fortunately, they both have hundreds of patterns. My Ravelry queue is quite full. 

With my own added criteria of using stash for all the KAL projects.  I am trying to use up, give away or toss as much as I can to make the house easier to care for. (See, it’s still part of my Home theme.)

I past the first gauntlet of acquisition temptation. 

The Oxford Fiber Festival in Mississippi was last Saturday. It was wonderful day seeing friends, checking out spinning wheels, and looking at fiber. Nothing was an irresistible impulse buy. 

No pictures. 


I’m close to having a default spin. The first project, 2 Guys BFL in Royals, is beautiful. So I got the color right. And it is a 3 ply fingering. But there’s a bit too much twist somewhere. It’s just a bit ropey. And even more disappointing a lot less yardage than expected.  I expected another 50-75 yards than what I got at 264.  The ultimate goal would be 400 yards. 

2 Guys BFL in Royals 3 ply

Singles Stats: 

  • Fiber split as many times as possible for as maximum short color repeats (for a tonal look) Definitely achieved the color tonality.  
  • 35 Twist angle (next time 25/30 Twist angle)
  • 35 Wraps per inch (next time 45 -50 WPI)

3 Ply stats:

  • 35 wraps per inch (next time 40)
  • Balanced

Need to swatch a lower twist thinner singles with higher twist ply. Hopefully that will be it. If not, the next sample will be woolen spin single plied 2 or 3. 
I’m looking for a balance between sturdy, less pilling with loftiness and softness. It’s not an easy task.

Still in a quandary and stuck about technique for Gale’s Arts BFL in Iris. I blended the green and gray with no significant difference. I was hoping to tone done the brightness of the green. It needs more work. 

I’ll use natural BFL or Polwarth for more sampling. 

Gale’s Arts BFL in Iris (green & gray removed)

Iris colorway green & gray blended


Everything is SSK KAL. 

Except finishing the kimono for a friend’s granddaughter. 

A New Thing: 
A sketch a day with a new to me tool. Pentel Aquwash brush. Started with water in the reservoir. Then filled it with India ink. Makes sketching very easy. 

I’m posting these daily on instagram. @slantedstitches

Calligraphy practicing the alphabet in a new to me font ( challenge). Brush is harder than I expected. But I did finish this project. All were posted on instagram.

Copperplate calligraphy font


  • Storage buckets for yarn & fiber
  • ✔Finish project bags already cut (save for gifts) only thing left are sewing on the buttons. 
  • Finish hand stitching for Alabama Chanin A-line dress (on the next road trip)
  • Home: Decluttering & Organizing
  • Taxes


  • Veggies are growing (They all look the same!)