January Crafting List

I listen to a lot of podcasts while working at crafting, mostly for background noise.  The Happiness Project with Gretchen Rubin is always a favorite and for the New Year, she suggests having a yearly theme, a word. 

I can’t decide. My word was going to be Home, since ours was neglected in the last two years. Or it will be Homemade/Handmade. Either way, I am adding to my crafting to-do list. 


  • ✔Wool n’ Spinning workshop Default spin
  • Wool n’ Spinning workshop Ratios
  • Purple Iris 
  • Fall leaves


  • ✔Finish the Ketterdam shawl.  Lost at yarn chicken by 12 yards in December. 
  • ✔Renamed that problem over-dyed yarn Evergreen (because it’s no longer a problem) and make a big winter cowl
  • Write pattern for Crisscross hat

    Crisscross hat in Evergreen overdye yarn

  • Doubleknit Ikat cowl 

    Ikat sketch needs a rework

  • Hats for charity
  • Continuous sock on needles
  • SSK KALs

A New Thing: 

  • A sketch a day
  • Calligraphy practicing the alphabet in a new to me font (www.surelysimple.com challenge). Brush is harder than I expected. 


  • Storage buckets for yarn & fiber
  • Winter crossbody bag
  • Finish project bags already cut (save for gift giving)
  • ✔Finish hand stitching for Alabama Chanin A-line dress
  • Printmaking

Home: Decluttering & Organizing 

  • ✔My closet & bathroom 
  • Garage & attic in warm weather
  • Taxes

Wishing These Magically Get Done:

  • Marbling more fabric for fun (make wire holders & order Orvis soap) 
  • Create practice Alabama Chanin jacket from Craftsy class. (Grey woven linen) Rethinking this whole project. 
  • Triptych painting in hall way (start sketches) finally settled on an general idea of a map
  • Paint dining room walls & ceiling Step 1: pick colors (Dover white & Sedate gray) 
  • Declutter and organize studio, attic and garage 

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