Etsy Shop Ending/ Other Things Starting

Checking this off my December to-do list. 
I finally decided to close my Etsy shop. 

Officially closed the business account with the state, put the Etsy shop on permanent vacation mode, but still need to close with the county. 

  • I LOVED the creative process and problem solving. 
  • I never seriously did the stuff needed to make a successful business. 
  • Started jeopardizing my health. The last few weeks were rough & a bit scary repeat of an old worker comp injury that took 5-8 years of recovery.  
  • Other family priorities are more important. 
  • Time to move on to things I still want to do.

I will continue posting to the blog about the creative process. 

Just found this in an old box of art supplies. Printmaking is one of the things I want to start again. 

Swedish Dalarna horse, 1994 woodcut print by us

Merry Christmas Y’all

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