November Crafty List

Wow, I actually got a lot done in October. So excited about how this list is helping me stay ‘focused.’ 

Update on November 14.


  • ✔️spin a 4 ply from problem yarn stash

    Practicing 4 ply with deep stash

  • ✔️Continue reading/researching more about spinning techniques
  • ✔️Wool n’ Spinning Patreon workshop technique 
  • Wool n’ Spinning Patreon Fibre Club project
  • Wool n’ Spinning Color Theory project
  • ✔️Go through the Craftsy class, Spinning Dyed Yarn. 


  • Start Baby kimono for friend’s granddaughter 

    Sleeve as swatch

  • ✔️Ketterdam shawl by Laura Linneman in the 3 ply red handplied yarn. Knitting with Director’s Cut, Soliliquy, by Leading Men Fiber Arts instead. 
  • Swatch cardigan  (not even thinking about it)
  • ✔️ Done: Finish SSK socks, use Susan B Anderson’s SOS pattern 
  • Hat & cowl with Problem yarn (overdyed Swish DK) moving to December list

Hand sewing:

If you are on Instagram there’s a tag #slowfashion you might find interesting. 

  • ✔️ Done: 2 back panels finished of hand stitching the Magdalene stencil
  • 1/2 ✔️Handstitch 1 front panels, 1 finished. 
  • Move to December: stitch seams, & facings 

    Handstitching second panel of A line dress

  • ✔️Choice next project to start in January. (grey) (new leaf)(long fitted skirt/tank top)

Slanted Stitches Etsy shop:

Momentum has turned into inertia

  • Fortune cookie bag – blue
  • Purple take-out bags
  • Turquoise Japanese knot bags
  • Forest take-out bags


  • Rake leaves (still haven’t fallen)
  • Finish mulching
  • ✔️ Done: Sow more veggie seeds

Wishing These Magically Get Done:

  • Marbling more fabric for Japanese bento bags. (make wire holders & order Orvis soap) 
  • Create practice Alabama Chanin jacket from Craftsy class. (Grey woven linen) Rethinking this whole project. 
  • Triptych painting in hall way (start sketches)
  • Paint dining room walls & ceiling Step 1: pick colors (Dover white & Sedate gray) 

    New colors on top row, old colors below

  • Every month declutter and organize one area. November is the master closet & kitchen. Started the garage. 

    1 kitchen cabinet & my closet Goodwill pile

  • Studio (straighten fabric, thread, patterns) SO NEEDED! I did sort and organize 1-2 drawers of snaps and rivets. 



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