Neglect & Chaos

Gone is that wonderful energy I had to sew every possible bag in all the wonderful fabrics. 

Blame it on the weather change (every muscle and joint aches) and of course, last week’s election. No saying anything else, except I am praying, he will really turn to God).

Order and peace are needed right now. Illness, travel & studio time equals neglect and chaos all around the house. I have reached my threshold of frustration. The trigger:  One lost knitting book I need for the baby sweater. Still haven’t found it. 

Kind of, sort of, using the Marie Kondo criteria of joy sparking to clean things out. 

I can tackle one chaotic spot a day. 

First chaos:  ✔️ Done: 4 months of bank and credit card statements.  I know, good to get it done. Bad, it’s not a regular monthly chore.  I need to do some navel gazing to figure out what my problem is. I got it all done in about 2 hours and I feel a heavy burden lifted. Ridiculous. I use to use as a post-task reward was solitaire. It was to only time I allowed for the game. I need to figure out another pairing…a once a month reward. Hmmm…

Second chaos: ✔️ Done: My side of the master closet. The schizophrenic fall season lasted more than a month. So unusual…usual is 1-2 weeks. Good time to eliminate what I didn’t wear this summer and move next summer’s joy sparking clothes to the back of the closet. And do a honest sort of winter wear.  I am trying the turn the hanger hook backwards on the things you use the least. Get rid of them at the end of the season. 

Third chaos:  ✔️ Doing:The kitchen. Not planning any holiday parties. No big family gatherings. Just time to be honest about what is really used in the kitchen now that we are on the ketogenic diet. 5 sets of cabinets done. 2 more to do the rest of this week. 

Fourth chaos: The craft closet. Time to line up the next projects for SSK 2017 KALs. The instructors are Jillian Moreno, David Schultz, Ann Budd (it’s her Sweater book that’s missing) and Lee Meredith. 

Fifth chaos: The garage, the junk drawer on a grand scale. Saving this for the weekend.

Sixth chaos: I should be ready to clean up the studio by then. 

Chaos I’m not ready to tackle yet:

  • The attic (the second grand junk drawer)
  • The living room  (old photographs & books)

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