Road Trip: Lost Sock & Found

Update: Happily Ever After (everything was found, safe & sound)

I’m heartbroken. 

I was on time with all my knitting plans. No urgent life crisis deadlines. Road trips are great for keeping on pace and a little ahead. 

Lost Sock: 

Road trips are disasters if you loss a finished sock. I have no clue where it could be. The last hotel we stayed at said they didn’t find it.  By the way, magical thinking doesn’t work.  I keep looking in the project bag it was in. 

Time to improvise. 

Can I squeeze a third sock out of the rest of the yarn? Maybe, if I use a different yarn for the heel and toe. Fortunately this is Susan B.Anderson’s SOS afterthought heel pattern. Half way through the second sock. Before finishing the heel and toe, I’ll weigh it. Fingers cross. 

Scratch all that. Found the lost sock in the car. Phew!

And finished the second sock on the drive home. 

Finished Sister’s socks

On The Spice Market shawl:

The yarn problem however is a real problem. It looked so nice grouped together.  You know that nagging feeling lurking in the dark recesses of your mind, that you totally ignore? I should have paid attention to it. I thought pairing Black Trillium with Leading Men Fiber Arts was a good match. 

  • Should have read the pattern
  • Should have swatched. 

I did neither before the trip. Knitting through the Prarie landscape. But I have stopped working on it. I listened to that nagging voice. 

 I have the wrong main yarn. It needs to have more color and/or tonal contrast from all of the gradients. And it needs to be closer in weight to the gradient. AND the pattern calls for 6 contrasting colors. My gradient only has 5. 

Do I have an alternative main color at home? Yes & no. Yes, same weight. No, undyed. Is it worth the risk to dye it myself? Nope. Not when I want to finish this whole thing in 3 weeks. 

Just before frogging On The Spice Market shawl

Scratch all that! I did frog what was started. And re-started substituting the main color as the first gradient. I’m ignoring the different weights and low contrast. 

Progressing ahead On The Spice Market shawl

Fading full rainbow

Murray Baker Bridge on the Illinois River

Saw Saint John Paul II in mosaic

But it does get worse. 

I left my wallet at the last hotel. Housekeeping found it. The hotel is sending it.  I wonder if it will be empty. Not empty. Nothing removed. Yeah! Good job, Marriott Pere Marquette


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