Giant Crafty To Do List

Yeah…I wrote this up on paper. 

Writing a huge list is first overwhelming then somehow switches to motivational. Maybe because I like ✔️s. 

 I’ll tackle the easy, almost-done things first. Mainly to quickly shorten the list. But also, like TheKnitGirllls annual Stashdash, a way to clean out older projects to make room for the newest distraction. 

Another thing is tackling a lot of these in 15-30 minute slots a day. Unfortunately the last stuff on the list are bigger week long projects. 

Then on a break, I saw an Instagram posted sale at Miss Babs for BFL fingering weight yarn undyed. Took no time to think about it, whipped out the credit card very fast. But I’m not going to add one more thing to my big to-do list. It’s instead going directly into the craft closet for a while. Sigh. I should delete my yarn feed for a while. (Yep, Done…✔️ Deleted over 75 fiber vendors from my Instagram & Feedly accounts. )


  • Finish plying the blue bat. 

    Half done. Combined indie fibers

  • Ply the Rose Quartz roving. 

    Singles of Palanca Farms about to be plyed

  • Start spinning a 3 ply (select which fibers).


  • Select yarn for Ketterdam shawl 

    Favorite candidate: Leading Men Fiber Arts Soliliquy

  • Finish Leslee’s socks

    Leslee’s socks

  • Start Sister’s Christmas socks, use a Sock Architecture pattern
  • Start SSK socks, use Susan B Anderson’s SOS pattern

    Next sock projects

Hand sewing:

  • Add business card pocket for my handbag
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish right pocket detail on Alabama Chanin A-line tunic 
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish felling seams on Alabama Chanin fitted dress. 
  • neckline & arm holes for Alabama Chanin fitted dress
  • ✔️ DONE. Finish cutting Alabama Chanin New Leaf stencils
  • Start Alabama Chanin Paisley stencil
  • Swatch stencil paint colors for teal, grey, navy knits

Slanted Stitches:

  • Romi’s fortune cookie bag
  • Eloise’s DPN holder
  • Turquoise take-out bags
  • Turquoise Japanese knot bags
  • Forest take-out bags


  • Marbling fabric
  • Screen print fabric


  • Triptych painting in hall way

    At least they are on the wall.

I’m not going to let you see how long the house to do list is. Sigh. 

I’m going to go checkout Instagram for a while…

And did it again. Published before I was finished thinking/writing/photos about this. Oh well. 



2 thoughts on “Giant Crafty To Do List

  1. Twillingart

    I hope you live in the northern hemisphere of the world because you need the magical-crafting power of Winter to tackle this list! Good luck to you and be sure to keep us posted!

    1. slantedstitches Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement. I live in southern US. Friends further north of us are experiencing snow this week. While we are still dealing with 80-90 degree F.

      I look forward to cooler weather for all kinds of crafty activities.

      Hope to keep a monthly crafty list.


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