What Was I Thinking?!?

I made two big mistakes. One is too much. The other not enough. 

Too Much

Apparently experience doesn’t create mental shift in my buying habits. 

Experience: I don’t like wearing lace weight or really lacy shawls, especially ones with silk. 

Buying habit: I continue to buy lace weight yarn WITH silk. 

Very pretty Lazy Cat lace weight yarn from DFW Yarn Crawl

What was I thinking?!?

Oh yeah, obligatory purchasing to support a small LYS & indie dyer, i.e. guilt buying. 

Apparently, the cognitive dissonance continue with my assumption that this yarn would work perfectly with the new pattern, Ketterdam, by Laura Linneman. 

  • Color: variegated OK
  • Yardage: 800 OK
  • Weight: fingering NOT OK!

I did attend Laura’s Yarn class last year. I know better that lace weight yarns (2 ply) don’t have enough structure for cables. The edging on the Ketterdam shawl has a cable detail. 

Bonus information: The linen stitch completely disappears in lace weight yarn. 

Even so, I swatched it to confirm. Yep, I’m an idiot. 

Sorry, I ripped out the swatch in disgust. Wasn’t thinking about blogging about it. 

No amount of searching Ravelry for a different pattern is going to fix my problem. I don’t really like all those spidery lacy shawls. Change that, I don’t like them in me. I think they are beautiful and love the idea of it as a milestone or accomplishment. But not to wear. Nope. Don’t like wearing them. 

Not Enough

Nope. I really really want to knit the Ketterdam shawl. This wouldn’t normally be a problem with a large fingering weight yarn stash.  There’s some really pretty indie dyed purple, or that Kollage black & white, or plenty of Knitpicks. Except right now, they are all out of reach. I am 200 miles away from my stash with now only ONE knitting project to work on.  

Only one knitting project

Note to self:

  • Must spin fingering 3-4 ply
  • Must NOT spin lacy 2 ply 

But of course, that’s exactly what I’m starting to ply.

(Apparently I hit the wrong button and published this prematurely. Oh well….)

Roadtrip: in Nashville to weed Mom’s garden, take her shopping and deliver a custom bag. 

Custom crossbody bag


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