Road Trip: Fort Wayne (missed it)

  • Fiber events? No
  • Yarn shop? Yes!!!! Simply Socks OMG!  I get to see all the gorgeous yarns she posts on Instagram!!!   Well, no. The shop is only open to the public ONE DAY a week. Bummer, missed that one on my fiber bucket list (but hubby just told me he has to make another trip to the area).
  • Other Yarn shops? Yes!!! One and it’s walking distance AND has Shibui yarns. So heading to Knitting Off Broadway.  Had a great time there. Suffered decision fatigue. I had only 3 skeins of Shibui Linen and want 2-3 more skeins for a tunic. Matching color is always a problem. So, I was trying other ideas. Settling on Aurora by Shellie Anderson.

    Aurora by Shellie Anderson

      Then of course, regretted it late in the night. (I don’t really need a little woolie warn vest.) Had a chance to get the right yarns the next day. Took a chance on the Shibui Linen and Twig. They are close enough. 
  • Some Hedgehog Fibres

    Knitting Off Broadway in Ft. Wayne, IN

  • Art museums? Yes. Walking distance? Sort of.  Worth the distance & rain? No. Next time. 

The drive home was pleasant. We stopped in Jeffersonville, IN, just across the river from Louisville, KY. Cute little town. Lots of upgrades made to the waterfront area. Lots of effort to keep the historic areas intact. 

Panorama of Louisville on Ohio river

Finishing the new Downtown Crossing bridge

Schimpffs Confectionary

Cutest candy shop, Schimpffs Confectionary, with all the vintage maker details. 


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