Reverse on Spinning Wheel

Ok. I can look at this two different ways. 

  1. The last few months of consternation was  a waste of time and emotions. 
  2. It was a necessary thought process for understanding what was most important.

As you recall, I firmly decided I didn’t need a spinning wheel. I am thoroughly enjoying my spindles. I am spinning on the Akerworks drop/supported spindle most nights. (Still need to problem solve the best motions for better ergonimics. Sore shoulder blade is not a good thing.)

Something besides fiber and fabric came home with us from Dallas. And she’s beautiful!

Whenever we are in Dallas, we spend a bit of time with old friends. Leslee inspires me with her craft experience and enthusiasm. It is always fun to see what she’s into next. Apparently I follow her lead but lag behind by decades. She was spinning twenty years ago and has moved on.

Ashford Traditional on hotel elevator. She’s beautiful!

I showed her my little bit of spindle spinning. She showed me her Ashford Traditional. AND loaned it to me. 

A Saxony wheel single treadle was NOT in my wish list. And I might still get a castle style wheel for portability. 

A Pollywog is still on my wish list. It’s designed for kids. Hopefully that means sturdy, easy care, small & portable. 

But I reversed immediately with this Ashford. I love it. My first bobbin was ok until I lost the leader. Not sure what to do with it. Cutting hasn’t solved it yet. 

1st bobbin: plenty of mistakes

The second bobbin is full now and much better. Attempting to do a little color management, by splitting the roving into separate colors. Even so, it will probably become very tweedy/muddy looking. 

Palanca Farms, merino top roving

I’ve been watching Rachel of Wool n’ Spinning podcast’s tutorials on drafting. Watch every Abby Franquenmot video I can find. Both are on YouTube. VERY VERY helpful. 

2nd bobbin

Looks like I will be taking every spinning class I can at next year’s SSK retreat. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I won 1 of 2 SSK 2016 charity raffle tickets to skip to lottery for next year!


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