FABLE Continues

FABLE (Fabric or Fiber Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)

With Hancock Fabrics stores now closed, I have a scarcity mentality. I feel l HAVE to buy what I want when I find it. No matter what. Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart just doesn’t have the fabrics I love. Those are my local choices now, sorry, only if I’m desperate. 

Sorry too, online fabric shops, I need to see and feel the fabric before I buy. 


Or it’s my version of FOMO (Fear Of Missed Opportunity)


What can I say…my favorite fabric, 100% handkerchief linen, at 60% off at a store with zero customer service & 900 miles on a road trip. I’m buying. I haven’t visited SR Harris Fabrics in 30 years. It hasn’t changed. If you are easily intimidated by an abundance of choice don’t even bother. You will be overwhelmed. 

Aisle of linen & linen blends at SR Harris Fabrics

In 30 minutes, I bought chambray blue, cranberry, and navy. Took a chance on linen single knits in charcoal grey and teal. Knowing the hand knitted linen tends to bias (look wonky crooked), I’m a bit worried these might do the same. 

knit & woven linen from Harris Fabrics for dresses & tunics

That’s a lot of potential summer outfits. 

And how could I resist 50% off decorator fabric remnants for my bags. More linen and cotton. It might have taken 30 minutes to find good choices. 

Linen & cotton for project bags

Then there was the novelty fabrics I really was looking for…not as successful there. You would think I’d find something worthwhile in 8 long, unorganized, rarely labeled, aisles of novelty prints. 2 hours of hunting these aisle with few good choices. 

1 of 8 aisles of novelty prints

No regrets. 
I feel much stronger than six months ago. I can do this. Really I can. 

Happening soon, another opportunity to hunt at another favorite fabric shopping destination in Dallas.  But must stick to specific shopping list for here.

  1. A warm grey lining for custom cross body bag. 
  2. Those novelty prints. 

So much for shrinking my existing fabric stash. 


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