Stashing, Not Destashing

Forget about KonMari decluttering system at least for this month. 

Instead of tossing away clothes that didn’t spark joy. I started playing with them. 

Overdyed this mauve dress with purple and shortened it from a maxi to knee length. Love the color except it’s a blotchy dye job. Next step is shibori the dyeing. This month I am all about accumulating, acquiring, loading up, but not quite hoarding. 

Shibori overdyeing silk dress prep

  • Hancock Fabrics in our area is closing in a few days. I’ve spent a lot on just about every craft supply I MIGHT need and then some. Except someone else acquired ALL the batik fabric. Darn!
  • I am following a lot of SSK vendors (yeah, I moved Instagram back to my main screen.) This helps me plan for the marketplace next Saturday. And I may have already purchased and received yarn from one vendor, Leading Men Fiber Arts.  

    Midnight Renderzous in Soliliquy Gradient by Leading Men Fiber Arts

  • SSK will be my first big trip since changing to the ketogenic diet. The retreat center has wonderful food. Not a lot of extra planning and preparation needed, except creating fat bomb snacks and electrolyte drinks. I’ll just enhance everything else with a bit of MCT oil. 
  • Got the Instant Pot pressure cooker along with a million others on Amazon Prime day. It’s been on my wish list for a year. Already made hard boiled eggs, meatloaf, steamed veggies and collard greenies. This thing is definitely my favorite kitchen tool besides my knife. 

    Newest kitchen toy/tool

  • Prepping easy meals for hubby while I’m away. 
  • The sneaky veggie garden is at maximum production. Spinach picked and eaten. Double batch of pesto has been stashed away in the freezer. 

    Opal and sweet basil prepped for pesto


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