I’m Sewing!

I’ve been a good girl. I didn’t look at floor looms or weaving stuff. And only once admired Laura’s new Saxony spinning wheel at Knit Night. It’s beautiful and amazingly quiet. But not something I have to have. 

I did get back to sewing projects for SSK door prizes. Of course, I started with a new idea. It’s not perfect yet. One is being tested with two color brioche knitting. So far she is happy using it like a yarn bowl. 

Earliest versions of cubie bags with elastic loops


Modified version of cubies with snaps

However, I’m stuck on solving the wrist/handle problem. I might need to let this marinate for a week. 

Handle ideas for cubies

The second project, two Japanese knot bags will be done before next Knit Night. 

Japanese knot bags in progress

The third project, slouchy hobo bag might be done by the end of the week. 

The fourth project, my second version of a cross body bag is marinating on Blue Gal. I’ve been using version one. Love the comfort, but it needs more capacity and pockets.  Since version two is already cut and mostly sown, I need to solve the volume modifications creatively. I think I’ll have to add a gusset at the bottom.  (I just can’t waste expensive fabric.)

2nd version of crossbody bag

Ok, at the moment, it looks like half Wilma Flintstone dress. 


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