Fiber Push Pull Talk Therapy 

Oh bother….

I didn’t unfollow enough fiber folk on Instagram last week. Too many pictures were posted from Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. Even though it was clearly muddy wet, too much exposure to pretty fiber and spinning wheels and more angst for me. 

Not going to succumb. But it still has such a strong pull for me. Which I really don’t understand. 


I need to use this blog post as a therapy session to resolve this crazy thinking. 

I AM a practical person. At the moment, I am feeling far from practical. Hmmm, Time (Money) just posted 4 Ways Your Brain Tricks You into Spending. 

I don’t even understand two of the ways. The ones I think affecting me are Anchoring Bias and Bandwagon Effect.  Follow the above link if you want to learn more. 

Talk Therapy begins now: 

❌ I don’t need any more yarn. I have enough for several years of contented knitting.  Certainly enough yarn to accomplish the all my current ‘needs.’

Yarn stash 2016

❌I am finally knitting with my very first handspun yarn from 2014. It’s not pretty. Very inconsistent lace to DK weight. But I’m happy  it’s no longer an albatross around my neck. 

Best part of the first spindle spun yarn

Worse of first handspun yarn

Openwork Triangle shawl nearly done.

❌I am now sad that I gave away my first wheel spun yarn at the local guild’s retreat as a door prize. I just needed a year apart to realize how pretty it is. Of course, it would be sitting in my craft closet for another few years before it was no longer too precious to knit.  Ok, it would have become another albatross around my neck. 

First wheel spun yarn 2015

So what is it about spinning?  

  • 🚫: Is it about having the wheel? The other accessories like a counter, nittynotty, the lazy Kate, the swift?
  • ❌: Is it about buying fiber? 
  • ❌‼️ Is it about processing fleece into fiber? (More equipment, more time)
  • ✅: Is it about the process?
  • ✅: Is it about the yarns produced?
  • 🚫: Is it about knitting with handspun yarns?
  • 🚫⁉️: Is this a social activity?
  • 🚫: Will this make shoulder & arm injuries worse?

Ok, too much red and not enough green checks. This could easily become one of the many hobbies I am consumed by and then abandon in a few years. Sigh…Maybe once a year, I will scratch the spinning itch with a spindle project or rent a wheel. But not now, first I have more SSK KALs before July. But I am dreaming of spindle spinning some purples & blues. Several fiber folk are doing a simple 15minutes a day (#spin15aday).  Can I do this?  Will find out after SSK.  

Oh, a friend asked me to knit a girl’s cardigan. Sounds like fun. And probably this first project to knit after July. 

Ok, I’m feeling a little better. Plenty to do without adding yet another fiber craft. I think I just needed to have a plan for my knitting. 

Thanks for letting me indulge in some talk therapy. 


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