Small Projects Turn Into Bigger

Remember that little Easter egg 1 particle skein of yarn dyeing experiment success? 


Overdyed with Easter egg dyes, Nebbiolo cowl pattern by Thea Coleman

 Well. I thought I’d do a bigger project, a sweater’s worth of yarn. And a few more scraps of the first yarn to make a matching hat.


Yarns prepped for overdying

I thought I’d just multiply and duplicated what I did the first time. What could possibly go wrong? 
Well. A lot. For one thing, I wanted a dark teal color from that bright green. OK, use all of the turquoise & blue dye pills & every other possible blue food dye in the house & maybe some black. 


Every blue & turquoise food dye in the house

This is where math would have been a good idea. And doing more research and learn for other experienced dyers, like this one:


  • I used too much vinegar in the soaking bath. 
  • I used too hot a soaking water. 
  • I mixed all the dyes together before pouring them over the soaking yarn.
  • I poured them all at once into the soaking water

That dye stuck to the yarn exactly where it was poured. 

Blotchy ugly yarn dyeing

 And the reason I didn’t post anything last week:

  • I was exhausted & defeated by simple Easter egg dyeing. 
  • I have to figure out what I did wrong. 
  • I hate wasting good yarn. 

It took a second whole day of driveling small batches of very diluted turqoise, blue & black food coloring to get closer to what I originally wanted. Repeated over & over again. (Cool soaking water and no extra vinegar)

I’m thrilled with the final results. It’s not going to work for the sweater. It will make a beautiful hat, figureless mitts, & big shawl set.  I’ll save that project for later. 


Over over overdyed yarn

Now, I have to find another yarn in stash to make the original sweater. 

Here’s the finished cowl & ‘matching’ hat. Buck hat & Nebbiolo cowl both designed by Thea Coleman. 


‘Matching’ hat & cowl, Buck hat designed by Thea Coleman

Chat with you next week. 

I did another ‘bigger’ project: recovered kitchen bar chairs. 


5 thoughts on “Small Projects Turn Into Bigger

  1. mulchandmorecrafts

    That’s not a mistake, it’s a learning step! And have you tried knitting with that beautifully shaded yarn you created? (Did you pre-soak your yarn?) I can picture the deeper skein as maybe the ribbing/border and a lovely monochromatic variegated as the main body for a sweater or maybe a shaded shawl? I’ve never used the Easter dyes for yarn, but do a lot of shaded dyeing on purpose, since it can result in such unique projects 🙂


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