Small Projects: Knit & Cook & Declutter 

My energy level is improving. I’m doing grownup stuff:

  • fill out our income tax form
  • Which leads to thinking of closing my Etsy shop
  • cleaned out part of the attic
  • decluttering Christmas decorations

Knitting Success: Dyed Yarn

The Easter egg dye experiment continues. I was hoping I had enough yarn for a cowl & matching hat. The cowl is finished. I had a small amount for the hat. It will not match the cowl. But it will be another experiment after checking my scrap yarn jars. Time to get more egg dye kits. 


Nebbiolo cowl designed by Thea Coleman


Prepping pale blue & beige grey yarns for dyeing

The cowl is Nebbielo by Thea Coleman, Baby cocktails. I modified it for two reasons. The cable ‘shrank’ the length too much to wear doubled.  I just could not get the cable right.  Turns out I could not do the lattice right either. 

I’m still marking this one a success, mistakes & all. 

Cooking Success: Salmon Patties

From the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook by Michele Tam. 


Salmon patties prepped for pan frying


Salmon patties

Yum!  And they were even better as leftovers on salad. Double yum!

Decluttering Success: The Attic


Styrafoam waiting for recycle

These are three of five 55 gallon bags of styrofoam guts from old electronic product boxes. Found out the local UPS store can use them for packing. Win! They don’t go into the landfill. The outer cardboard boxes have been broken down & stacked. Waiting for the next recycling day. 


Christmas ornaments in the giveaway pile

These are Christmas ornaments that I haven’t used since the kids were here. The precious ones are still good and safe in the attic. 

Fitbit told me, I climbed 25 flights of stairs. 

I’m done. 

Being a Grownup Failure: Closing the Shop

I haven’t had the mental or physical energy to make bags or market them. Filling out tax forms make it undeniable. I’ll continue to make bags for fun, but probably close the business soon. 


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