Small Projects: Cooking Success & Fail (Success)


Nom Nom Paleo cookbook & cool swag

I won this book, Nom Nom Paleo, Food For Humans & other fun stuff on Instagram  @nomnompaleo a few weeks.  I don’t win stuff very often. This was a real treat. And have been trying something new every week. 

I made lots of bone broth. The freezer is nicely stocked with 4 0z. cubes of broth. 

(At the same time, I HAVE been slowly KonMari decluttering and organizing the freezer. I have learned the importance of labeling & dating everything. Otherwise, it DOES get buried and forgotten.)

This week, Kalua pig is a success. Just know, Costco’s pork shoulder comes in a 17 pound package. Huge! But I could not resist at $1.79/lb. This should last us a few months or enough for a nice party. Very little work but lots of time required. The total yield is 10 lbs portioned in quart size ziplock freezer bags, labeled and frozen. 


Bone broth & Kalua pig for the future

Next time: grind half of the shoulder into patties to try other recipes in the cookbook, like meatloaf, or Vietnamese lettuce cups.  


Pork shoulder sprinkled with smoked paprika & salt

Sadly, the mayonnaise on the other hand. Total fail. This is not the fault of the recipe. Lesson learned, ALWAYS check out the correlated YouTube videos. 

  1. Use a container three times deeper than the contents.  Two times is not enough. 

    Wrong wrong wrong container

  2. Use a narrow container for immersion blender. 
  3. Pay attention to the word, ‘PULSE.’ 

    Forgot to pulse

  4. Doing it again, the same way, doesn’t make it any better. 
  5. Nor does the high speed blender fix it. 
  6. Find a salad dressing recipe for the failed leftovers. (Update: Incorporated the failures into the successful batch)
  7. Clean up the greasy mess and try again tomorrow.

Update: Finally, the fourth time, success with the mayonaise. For my immersion blender, I shouldn’t dump all the oil on top of the egg. It did work when I gradually added a tablespoon of oil when each spoonful is emulsified. 

Mayo success at last

And we survived last night’s crazy tornados/thunderstorms/flooding. 

Next recipes: Salmon Patties & Fiona’s Green Chicken


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