Small Projects: Dyeing Yarn Success

Long Term KonMari Project: Dealing with all the little unfinished things (& avoid cleaning the freezer)

As you might recall, I realized a lot of my clutter was/is an accumulation of unfinished projects. All of which, in their current state, do not spark any joy. Nope, just the opposite. They spark failure, fear of failure, dread and denial. 

I’m not ready to say good bye to them. I hope I am ready to tackle one or two a week. 

Unfinished Thing 1: Overdyeing Yarn

This project lingered in my craft closet for several years and on the kitchen island for more than several weeks. It also represents a small bin of other yarns I want to overdye. 
Apparently, I still have some brain fog. I forgot to take process pictures.

Forgot to take a before picture. Here is a scrap of the original pale blue grey wool. 


Original blue grey yarn

Also forgot to take a picture of the dyes I used, which I believe are two turquoise and one blue. It was a guessing game. Here are the remnants. Yellow, red, orange, green & purple?

Remaining Easter egg dyeing pills

  • Re-tie the hanks of yarn so there’s not tight spots. (2 hanks of 100 g wool yarn)
  • Soak the yarn in hot water with a glug of white vinegar. (About 1/2 c to 6 c water)
  • Dissolve one turquoise pill in a small amount of hot water. 
  • Add to the yarn. Wearing heavy kitchen gloves to insure the dye has dispursed in the water. Be careful not to agitate the yarn. 
  • Squeeze a small bit of yarn to check for finished color. (Too light)
  • Decided to add a second turquoise pill. 
  • Repeat with blue. (This time I put a glug of vinegar in the dye. It did not dispurse but stuck to the yarn where I poured.) That was not my intention. A live and learn moment. 
  • Set on high for 6 minutes in the microwave. Checked for any dye remaining in the water. Returned to microwave for another 2 minutes. Water was clear. 
  • Left to cool for several hours. 
  • Squeezed as much water out as possible. Hung outside to dry. Forgot the vinegar was in the water. Since I can’t smell it, I’ll give it a good bath after knitting. 


Drying outside

What I learned:

  • I can not be uptight about the outcome. I must expect serendipity, chance, or risk. 
  • This was a LOT easier than I expected. Except, be more careful about agitating the yarn. It did felt a bit. 
  • No hazardous materials used.
  • Very low material cost. (Picked up the Easter egg dye kit AFTER last Easter.)

I can’t wait to start knitting this. Now THIS color sparks joy!


Before and after Easter egg dyeing yarn

I might do this once a week to work through my less than perfect yarn stash. 


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