KonMari: Small & Long Term Projects

What is wrong with me?

  • I’m knitting hats instead of shawls. 
  • I haven’t gotten back to the digital decluttering. 
  • I’ve no energy to work in the studio. 
  • I couldn’t even figure out what to chat about last week. 

Fatigue from a 1-2 punch combination of a new diet I started after Christmas and slight anemia.

Small projects will continue, until I start feeling better. 

This Week: The Fridge

The reason I picked the fridge….I KNOW there’s almond flour somewhere in there somewhere. I need it for a new-to-me recipe and the new-to-me diet. 

Yikes! There’s a lot of old stuff lurking in the back corners and plenty that no longer fit in my diet. 



See this drawer, stuffed from moving all the grains into the fridge when we changed to the slow carb diet last year. The vitamins will stay. We have been pretty happy with the slow carb changes. But now it is time to truly say goodbye to the SAD (Standard American Diet) and throw it out. 

Long Term Project: Ketogenic Diet

Slow carb was last year. This year is the ketogenic low carb high fat diet.  I thought I could do the simple & easy version using the modified Atkins. It’s been around 10-15 years, with plenty of books.  

But in my case, I am not doing it for weightloss. Nope, I have a newly diagnosed chronic blood disease (starting with fatigue & anemia) called CLL. And I’m hoping that the ketogenic diet will slow the progression to nill.

I found out this week what my fatigue and foggy head is, the Keto flu. It’s the transition from the body/brain using glucose as the primary energy to ketones. The anemia is from CLL and I’m hoping the Keto diet will help with it. (I am not under the watchful eye of a nutritionist or functional medicine practitioner.)



Yes, I found the almond flour. It’s in the freezer for now. (The freezer will be next week’s small-big project.) 

Now I have to find the recipe. 

I’ll have a few more posts soon about CLL and ketogenic diet later. 

Have a wonderful week. 


2 thoughts on “KonMari: Small & Long Term Projects

  1. Bryan Sentes

    The watchful–and informed eye–of an integrative oncologist (if there’s one available in your area) might help focus your nutritional and nutraceutical interventions, saving you money and effort in the process. A good source I’ve found is http://www.integrativeoncology-essentials.com/–this practitioner has a FB page you can “like” and thereby keep updated on fairly solid, evidence-based data. Another very good, if somewhat dated source, is Keith Block’s Life Over Cancer. He and his collaborators have recently published a case study of the only known spontaneous remission of CLL, which happened under his aegis. Best to you in your living with CLL!


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