20 Minutes & 3 Months

Last fall I was happily working on a custom bag for a dear friend. Most of it was done except the last bits. She did ask for a matching card holder. No problem…until…

It turned out to be a problem. A simple easy card holder was a total failure. And I didn’t have an ideas to resolve it. 

Life gets in the way, an new chronic illness and she was busy moving, so I was given too much license to procrastinate. 

The longer I procrastinated, the harder it was to go up and make a new card holder.  I did finished the hobo bag. Made some significant changes in the design (added hidden magnet closure, moved the pleats at the bottom, & simplified the straps). Very happy with it. 


Utter Maddness Hobo bag

I may have to make a smaller one for myself. 

Then the card holder. It was done in 20 minutes and 3 months. I don’t know why fear gripped me. The solution was so simple. 


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