KonMari Method Fail: Digital

Last week I published & then deleted a post about using the KonMari idea for my digital life. I was premature in that posting. I’m still not sure I’m ready to publish this. But here goes….

I thought the trip to Baltimore would be the ideal time to work on digital stuff. Unfortunately, I broken the first guideline of the KonMari method to gather EVERYTHING together to do the sorting. I completely forgot about my previous digital life before smart phones, an old laptop and really old Mac.  The Mac is so old, Apple refuses to let me even bring it in to the store. “We no longer have parts for this, so we can not be responsible for anything that could happen while in our possession.” And I haven’t even turned them on since I got this phone. 

AND the real failure was forgetting that my digital life was more about memories. Marie Kondo’s mandate saving mementos for last. Maybe I’ll update in a few months…when I can face those memories. 

On a better note, others have been thinking the same thing about cleaning up their digital life. 

Note To Self, an WNYC podcast, ran a week long experience called Infomagical. Their focus was on more about returning our smart phones back into a resource & tool for instead of the time waster it has become. 

This episode, Infomagical Challenge 2: Magical Phone, does a bit of the KonMari decluttering of apps on your phone. 

Of course I took it too far. 

I heard more on another podcast. So sorry, I can’t find that episode or which podcast.  I might have unsubscribed prematurely. Oops. Yet another fail. Ok, now I’m feeling desperate to find that podcast.  Searching ‘konmari digital clutter’….the main discovery, I’m late to this whole project. Still can’t find that podcart. 

I did find a extensive interview on GoodReads. Turns out my first fail was bogus & was an overreach of the method. Marie suggests gathering all RELATED FILES/documents/photographs into ONE folder, like the last family reunion. Keep the best of theses. 

Should have researched more before starting this. Sigh…More work to do. 
Chat with you next week.  


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