Road Trip 2:2016, Baltimore

Road trip 2, 2016: Baltimore


Driving at dawn

I’ve checked, the hotel is in the suburbs, not walking distance or public transit to museums, interesting events, yarn shops, or farmers markets. We are surrounded by shopping malls. 

I’ll keep up the ‘Spark Joy’ momentum, tackling my digital clutter. 

Oops, forgot it’s Chinese New Year. Hubby didn’t want to trek to New York or DC (can’t interfere with Super Bowl time). A smaller celebration at the Walters Art Museum is just the ticket.


Stay In Lane, Fort McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore

Normally, I wouldn’t make the effort to go downtown (paying for tolls, parking, & lunch). But a few months ago, I watched a wonderful long running PBS program called, Craft In America. Celebration featured one group of Chinese lion dancers. I had a new appreciation for their dedication & craft. This was my first time seeing a live dance. Impressive 9 minutes performed by university students. 

If you want more, here’s a video of Shanghai Spring a Festival elaborate lion dance, posted on The Kid Should See This

It was worth the trip downtown. Exploring the historic Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore. Seeing a bit of the beautiful Walters Art Museum. 

Chinese New Year ceiebration at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

We will be within walking distance an IKEA, & most important a public library. Guess I will be window shopping and reading, to get some walking and fresh air. 
Bonus. I saw a group perform tai chi with a fan! It was so cool to watch. And it just so happens, I’ve been thinking about starting tai chi again. (It’s been 12 years. I’ve forgotten everything.) 


Oops! I didn’t check the weather just before leaving for this trip. So I found some snow shoes on sale at the mall. Lesson learned, just routinely pack them for future trips. 



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