Everything Will be Vertical: KonMari Method

I didn’t think I need this book. ‘I can figure this out without her help.

I would clean, organize, & declutter when guests come & I loved how it feels.  But just like an ocean tide, all the floxum and jetsam floats right back on all the horizontal surfaces.  It was a constant battle. And much easier to ignore, than deal with it. 

5 million copies of Marie Kondo’s first book, ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up’ have been sold. Ok, maybe she’s got some tips I could use. 

My copy came through a 4 week old reserve request at the local library. Hey, I knew her focus was on elimination. So why buy the book, to then get rid of it?

When I asked if they also had the new book, ‘Spark Joy.’ Nope, but she said there are 17 people waiting in reserve after me for the Tidying book.  Lots of New Year’s resolution list? (Hmmm, maybe I should have put my name back on the reserve list.)


Chaos surrounding tidying potential

All that to say I have a two week check out time limit to read and start implementing the process. 

I can see a lot of rolled eyes and shaking heads of my knitting friends. Y’all probably think I’ve crossed to the other side. All I know that the chaos in my house makes me a bit crazy. But I also reserve the right to not touch my yarn/fiber/fabric stash until I am good and ready.

The book is an easy read. A lot makes sense. It comes from a different angle than what you would find on Pinterest where ‘Organize’ equals clever storage solutions.  Her focus is on elimination, keep only what ‘sparks joy.’ What you decide to keep are things you cherish and enjoy. She doesn’t care if you divide into giveaway or toss. It’s more about clearing out the psychological/emotional reasons for keeping stuff. You are really clearing away all the old decisions, indecisions, all the if-onlys, the what-ifs or the just-in-cases. They have done their job and it’s time for them to move on. 

I had two A-Ha moments. 

One of the first exercises she goes through before, ask what I want the house to be and why and why and why. I discovered that my clutter is really a scattered bunch of procrastinated to-dos weighing me down to a catatonic escape into social media. My drugs of choice are Instagram, Pinterest, and Feedly. I will deal with them later. 

The other was her comment about loungewear. Have the same respect & criteria for your loungewear as your public clothes. Ok, here was my downfall, I had relegated all the wrong color, wrong size, old tattered & stained and no joy stuff to my at-home-no-one-will-see-me-except-hubby loungewear. 

Other than loungewear, I was already pretty organized with just a few blind spots. Ha! Wrong! A Saturday project with some modifications in the process was all I needed. Ha! Wrong! I’m writing this on Sunday and am about half way through the process. 

Maybe if I simply stuck with her method of taking every single item and seeing if it sparked joy could have been faster. Instead, I needed to try on everything. Ok, not everything, at least clothes that I wasn’t sure fit.

Surprise! I fit into some much loved clothes & found long forgotten things that are now back in circulation. I did 10,000 steps between my bedroom & closet. 

I eliminated what was too small, too large, didn’t look good and didn’t spark joy. Good bye to sweats, skirts and dresses I wore 30 years ago, hand-me-downs, & never worn. Only pulled two items from the give-away pile.

Do you think big shoulder pads will ever come back?  I am keeping one favorite big shouldered jacket from the 80s. Really wishful thinking about those big shoulders. I tossed a shoebox full of old shoulder pads.  


The no joy pile of clothes

So far so good. 

Next, are the accessories, shoes, handbags, shawls, etc.

 She didn’t specifically talk about shawls or scarves. Her only edict is that everything must be visible and stacked side by side. This drawer makes me very happy to seeing everything at once.  But I don’t like rolling them.  I have to figure out a better solution. 

Handknit shawl drawer



  • 5 bags to giveaway
  • 3 items to rework 
  • 2 items to over dyeing 
  • 3 empty shelves
  • A very happy person

Post-process morning-after:

I was a bit lost this morning. There’s no grunge clothes I use to wearing. This will be more of a mental/habitual adjustment than tossing stuff. 


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