Road Trip 1 in 2016: Gustave Baumann

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Gustave Baumann, German Craftsman, American Artist

This was an incredible exhibition of Baumann’s works, life, and process. If you are interested at all in printmaking or the arts and crafts period, GO SEE THIS before it closes February 14th. 

It is at the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art. Wow! What a wonderful museum, I wish we had more time to go through the other galleries and gardens. 

We are in Indianapolis just for a few days. Check the museum website, is it worth trekking downtown? Yes! Yes! Drop our bags at the hotel & off we go on wonderful date night at the museum. Both of us have printmaking backgrounds, hubby focused on contemporary guys.  It was fun to introduce hubby to Mr. Baumann. 

Gustave Baumann, German Craftman, American Artist Exhition, Indianapolis Museum of Art

I have always felt that printmaking was a sorry stepchild of the art world & museums. Unless, the printmaker was Rembrandt, Picasso, or Michelangelo, most museum print exhibits are  tiny & relegated to the basement or a back gallery. (Ok, I know that works on paper require special environmental & lighting, & exhibits must be limited.)

Baumann prints are very very very difficult to find exhibited at museums. It’s part of my checklist of artists’ works I seek out when visiting. I never expected to find a major exhibit of his work. Certainly not in Indiana.  (Sorry, Indiana, I only knew about his New Mexico life.)


Gustave Baumann (American, 1881–1971), Harden Hollow, 1912, color woodblock print, 19-3/4 x 26-7/8 in. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Gift of Ann Baumann, 2008.166. Gustave Baumann works are protected by copyright. Contact the IMA for further information

Not this one show. This is a major exhibition of a large quantity of his work from all timeframes. Indiana countryside, Hudson Valley, Provincetown, & the west coast images were all new to me. Amazing. It even had the dedicated gift shop at the end. 

You can checkout the short videos online of Baumann’s family life, time in Indiana & New Mexico, his marionettes, & the printing process.


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