Road Trip 1 of 2016: Indianapolis

We drove up after the first storm passed through Tennessee & Kentucky. Arrived in time for a date night at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I’ll have another post later this week about the exhibit we saw. 

As the south & east were being covered in deep snow from Winter Storm Jonas, it was just plain cold in Indianapolis. No snow fall. I was looking forward to playing with the Marco lens and snowflakes.  At 17 degrees and windy, I’m a whimp. Instead, an hour on the treadmill, podcast listening, playing with the lens, movie watching* and finishing Swoop filled my day. 

*We have missed a whole generation of interesting family movies. We watched Hugo, Spiderwick Chronicles and Stardust. 

New I-65 bridge connecting Kentucky Indiana


Indianapolis Museum of Art


Indianapolis Museum of Art, playing with a fisheye lens


Too far north of the bizzard for new snow


Swoop soaking in it’s bath, before blocking. Swoop by Romi Hill, in Painted Desert & Cascade.


Sun trying to shine through


Cairo I-57 bridge over the Mississippi River

Heading home, we took a western route through Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. All farm land under a blanket of snow. The sun was a welcome sight as well asgreener land and warmer temperatures. 

We did not want to miss our dinner date for a restaurant opening, Stoney River Steakhouse & Grill, in our home town. All I can say is ‘YUM!’ I forgot to take pictures until the dessert came. I stayed on my diet and didn’t eat the cake. (I did fall down the day after.) Everything was delicious. Service was excellent. And the best part, it was a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  

Carrot cake for four, Stoney River Steakhouse & Grill



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