Update on Olloclip Lens

Sorry about the earlier post. Fingers slipped & it posted prematurely. 

Initial observations:  

  • The black case might be a better choice, if you take pictures through hotel windows. I chose the light color because, as a klutz, I will drop or set my phone down. I figured it would be easier to find if it wasn’t dark. I’ll just have to have black cloth handy when I travel. 

Window reflections

  • Serious issue with the Active Lens (telephoto/wide angle lens). No problem with the wide angle lens. The telephoto lens does not fit the phone camera well. I thought initially that the clip didn’t fit with the case. Nope, I took the case off. Same problem. 

Olloclip Active Lens

Artifact in telephoto lens

 I’ve send a message to Olloclip’s support.  Let’s see if this can be fixed. 

  • No issues at all with the 4 in 1 macro lens.  Except the brass edge on the wide angle also shows up on hotel windows. A DIY, paint the edge black. 

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