Late Christmas Present to Myself 

My early Christmas present to myself came late, last weekend. 

It was a Kickstarter campaign from Olloclip that I contributed to way back in July or August. I found out about it through blogs on photography. You should be able to purchase the lens now. I’m not going into any photographic review mode here.  I’m a qualified amateur with one college level class a  zillion years ago. 

I’ve been wanting a macro lens since the good old days of SLRs and film, but could never justify the expense of new lens and other equipment needed. Way back then, you needed a lot more stuff, good lighting, tripod, etc. 

There are other len attachments companies for the iPhone. But most don’t work with a case. Being a klutz, I need a case and screen protector. (I’ve already replaced the screen protector twice due to klutziness.)

The Olloclip Kickstarter campaign was for the production of a whole package called the Mobile Studio System, case, lens, & other accessory attachments.

I have only played with a few things. The case went on right away. The 4in1 lens took a bit of figuring out. I don’t plan to use the fisheye lens much, so that will be stored for later. 

So far so good. 

Unfortunately, the lens do not fit over my screen protector. I’ll have to McGyver something to protect my screen from scratches & cracks. 

cracked screen protector

Otherwise, the lens are easy and fun play. Only one minor issue, they are not marked. m I am always guessing which is which. Easy enough to remedy.  

Here are some early experiments with the two macro lens, 10x and 15x. I plan to play more outside with warmer weather. Focus is my current problem. These were all handheld shots in natural light. 

Winter dandelion


Calligraphy practice


Striped garter stitch


Lemon for tea


Chat with you next week. 


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