2016 Knitting Bucket List: SSK KALs

As mentioned in last week’s post, SSK is Super Summer Knitogether.  An annual knitters/spinners retreat in Nashville that I have been fortunate enough to attend for the last two years. And for 2016, I made it through the first lottery held in September 2015. (Yeah, it’s a bit crazy. Space is limited to 150 people.)

This bucket list started as soon as Laura announces the dates and rules for the Knitalongs (KALs) in October.

The first KAL running November 2015-January 2016 is any designs by Romi Hill. Already finished 2 Artesian shawls, 2 hats from the Oddments book, & 1 Chiklat cowl in the current Romi Hill KAL. 

Artesian 1 is Wollemeise sock yarn (new stash & a gift) using chart A. I used every inch of that yarn and wish I had another 50 yards to knit another repeat. I would have liked this one bigger. It was a very fast to knit. I was planning to gift it but Eloise reminded me that be superwash wool is not the only qualification for gifting to non-knitters. The receiver must also be willing and able to clean and block the gift properly. So, of course, I wanted to do it again with some changes. 

Artesian 2 is in Miss Babs Yowza (new stash & a door prize from SSK2015) using chart B with some modifications. It’s a heavy worsted weight yarn…very different than the previous project. Since it’s multicolored, I assumed the eyelets wouldn’t be seen. I wear this shawl ALL THE TIME. No longer in the gift pile. 

I am in love with the shaping and ease of the process. This will be my go-to shawl pattern. 

2015 finished shawls, cowl & hats designed by Romi Hill

The third project finished is the Chilkat cowl. I discovered that I no longer have a large stash of lace weight yarns and don’t plan to increase it. I DID have a lot of leftover lace weight and a large stash of thrift shop men’s sweaters (old stash).  It’s pretty, though not very warm in 20 degree F. In the gift pile, but only for the most knit worthy person. 

Fourth & fifth projects are hats from the Great Oddments Knitdown ebook in acrylic (old stash). I wanted to knit something quick, easy, my version of a palette cleanser. These are going to the SSK charity.

Working on Swoop shawl now & what will probably be the last for this KAL in Cascade & Painted Desert. I plan to knit another Swoop later for two reasons.  

Swoop by Romi Hill in Painted Desert & Cascade

  1. I had a brain blip and increased the count in the second repeat. I’m on the fifth repeat and STILL can’t fix it. Too late to frog it and start again. Messing up just bugs me. This one definitely doesn’t do the pattern justice. So I want to do another one.  The picture is from her pattern. 

    Swoop, by Romi Hill

  2. To keep it interesting, I want to use two higher contrast yarns and BOTH in a gradient, like the zebra scarf I knitted last summer.  

    detail of zebra scarf


The next KAL is Mercedes Tarasovich

Up until now, I wasn’t too interested in brioche. I live in the south. Do I need something extra warm?  Yeah, I do. I’m freezing right now in my house. I NEED warm hats and cowls to wear every single day in the winter. 

I’m not sure I have the mental capacity to tackle a sweater within a time limit. This Girl Friday sweater has been in my queue for a few years. Maybe it’s time. 

Girl Friday by Mercededs Tarasovich

There will be as many hats and cowls as I can finish within the KAL time limits. 

The third KAL is Thea Coleman, Baby Cocktails. Most of her patterns are sweaters. I might be running out of steam by this time, so no high expectations. One or two cowls will be good in linen. 

I am basically front loading as many projects at the beginning. Knowing that by summer, I will be close to burnt out if I keep up a fast pace. 

Instead, I want to enjoy this process. 

Chat with you next week. 


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