2016 Knitting Bucket List, Part A

2015 List Recap

Let’s just say, in 2015, I went by the theory of shooting for the stars and maybe I’ll make it to the moon.  Biggest accomplishment was the Viajante. Some summer shawls and cowls. Lots of self-striping socks. No sweaters. 


Some 2015 shawls & hats

Everything was basically bumped aside for SSK15 KALs. The KALs are a wonderful way to get to know the instructors & other attendees who have patterns. SSK is Super Summer Knitogether retreat. Although being wait list most of the time, my enthusiasm wavered the last few months. 

And other distractions (a future post)

2016 Part A

Not this year. I made it through the first round of the SSK16 lottery. Which means I am fully committed through July to knitting as many Romi Hill, Mercedes Tarasovich, and Thea Colman patterns as I can manage. 

It seems I need external motivation to get a lot done. 

Projects Planned:

Artesian shawl, Romi Hill, Miss Babs Yowza yarn


Artesian shawl, Romi Hill, Wollemeise sock yarn


Regarding the yarn stash…I hope to continue alternating between recent purchases and old stuff. Really, I’m using the recent purchases as a reward for using old stuff. I know, it’s silly. I’m starting to believe I have FADD (Fiber Attention Defficient Disorder). 

I’m not going to plan anything after SSK. Having attended the retreat for the last two years, my ideas & goals changed because of the Try It On room and the great vendors. (See! This might be evidence of FADD.)

There will be a Part B if I’m not totally burnt out. Right now, I’m thinking of all the unfinished projects from previous years. I might used TheKnitGirllls Stash Dash KAL to get them either done or frogged. 

Thank you, Theknitgirllls for providing lots of external motivation!

We shall see….


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