Love My Garden

We waited ten years to rework the front yard. 

We are done until spring. Just in time to shut off the irrigation system for the winter. 

Lessons learned:

  • I did not buy enough plants. Kurt added two to three times the numbers of plants. Of course that means more money. 
  • I bought the wrong plants. The house & garden  is symmetrical. But the microclimate conditions are almost opposite. Ranging from full sun, hot & dry on the left to full shade on the right. No plants do well in both conditions. So the left & right rhyme in color and texture. 
  • Kurt found better plants. I think he had fun looking for unusual things. 

As a DIYer, I was out of my league. Very happy the professionals did all the heavy lifting. It was fun to be out there working along side them. But better that I could give up when the aching started. 


Right side:Kurt & JC wheelbarrowed 4 truck loads of soil.

I did get a compliment from JC, “She’s a hard worker.”  That feels good. Even though I whimp out after a few hours of digging. 

Kurt did a great job. 

David, the brick layer, did a fabulous job. 


Right side:David & his crew bricklaying

I now believe we have one of the nicest front yard in the neighborhood. 


Right side:Stones removed, trenches dug for footings


Right side: footing poured


Left side finished


Right side finished



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