Re-focus on the Garden & Studio


Pansies just planted

In the South, we plant pansies in the fall. It seems counterintuitive to plant such delicate flowers now. They survive minor freezes and frost and are about the only color until Februray.  

Garden renovation started

The old stone wall was been removed. I’ll be transporting some of them to Mom’s garden. 

The 4 guys spent all day digging the trenches for the footings. It’s a tiny yard by all standards. But with 12 year old crepe myrtle trees, digging has been difficult. 

I’m so glad I’m not doing the digging. 

Next step, rebar will be laid in the trenches, the footings poured, and then the brick layer does his magic. 


In the meantime, I hope to focus on that custom order. I finally found the perfect lining. 


Fabric & trim selected

Shapes have been cut. Pockets started. I hope there’s enough scrape to make her & myself a zippered pouch.  

Custom bag started



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