Knitting Dilemna #1

(I’ve numbered this post with no immediate plans for a 2 or 3. But I’m just going to assume there will be more to come. Sigh….)

You see I love the idea of gradients, the ombré look from light to dark and the rainbow look from one color to another. 


Wilhelm von Bezold’s 1874 Farbentafel, Wikipedia

I loved this when I learned to paint in watercolor in high school. (It’s one of the first exercises.)

I loved it when working for the fiber artist, Jan Newbury Myers. 

I thought about painting my dining room walls in a tonal gradient.

I even learned to dye gradient yarns at this year’s SSK retreat from Gale Evans.    
 Apparently, I can’t have enough of them. 

I love the Crazy Zauberballs, Painted Desert, Noro. They are in several WIP project bags. 

Mountain Colours, handdyed, Infinite Twist Helix, Fiber Optic Paintbox

Here’s where that declutter book’s advise to gather everything of that category together. I might have averted this dilemna. 

Two months ago I saw the bifrost pattern, by Cate of Infinite Twist. It’s designed to use three of her gradient cakes making a full spectrum rainbow. Clever me…(pride comes before the fall)…I wanted something different. So I ordered two of Dusk (the two cakes in the center of the picture). 
Here’s where I get into trouble. 

I forgot to order a contrast color to alternate inbetween. 

I forgot that in my stash is a beautiful cashmere gradient from Fiberoptic. The SAME red to blue gradient but not quite the same.  

So what do I do?
Making them into one project?  Infinite Twist is DK. Fiber Optic is fingering. 

I actually think it would diminish both. 

Give one project as a gift? 

Neither are of superwash wool, so breaks my most important knitted gift rules. 

3-4 Ply some silk/merino lace AND overdye it. My least favorite natural dyed yarns for the last workshop. (Yes I am crazy. This is my favorite option at the moment.)

Run to my LYS for a possible contrast color?

Order the third skein from Cate?

Current plan.  Swatch.

Then see if there’s something perfect at the LYS. If not, take ALL my possibilities to knit night, plead insanity and ask for advise. 


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