Zigzagging Again

I’ve been zigzagging again. Didn’t get either the cross body nor the client hobo bags done last week. 

Instead, I needed to do something that didn’t take a lot of brain power or physical stamina. 

And it was a WIP (knitter speak for Work In Progress). Really it was an unfinished house project started in March that haunted me ever time I walked through the hall. 

Back in March, we replaced our front doors and saved the old ones.  I had high aspirations to use the old ones as a big decorative piece in the dining room. But it took up too much space. Moved them to the hall. Again it took up too much space. And there it stood in the hall since March.  These are not doors I can move by myself on a whim.  They are 8′ tall oak and probably weigh 80 lbs. 

Then finally decided the breakfast room would work. 

The breakfast room HAD to be the LAST place I had them moved. 

But before they were moved, the room needed painting. 

The room was painted before our last trip. Yep, I painted the ceiling blue. 

Painting walls in progress

And I still had to do the glass mirroring. 


Makeshift spray tent

I did that last week when the weather was perfect for opening windows & doors. I’m not completely happy with the outcome. But at this point, it’s good enough. Lesson learned, don’t clean the glass with rubbing alcohol. It actually leaves a residue that evaporates the spray paint. Mental gymnastics wasn’t possible last week. 

Here’s the process I went through:

  • Cleaned the glass thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. (Big mistake)
  • Created a makeshift spray tent from plastic drop clothes using bulldog clips. 
  • Wearing a chemical respirator, sprayed as directed thin layers of Looking Glass on the back side. (Found at big box craft stores, not at home improvement big box stores)   
  • After 9 layers and still not completely covered, I switched to a matte black spray paint, which I had on hand. I should have gotten a silver spray paint instead.


Spray masks are SO comfortable. NOT

This whole spray job scrapes off the glass with a fingernail. I assume it’s from my first mistake using alcohol. At this point, I don’t care. I’ll deal with it, if and when we move to another house. 

This past weekend, we (hubby) ‘installed’ the doors in their permanent location. I’m happy with the results. 

The total effect is just OK. Not the showstopper I had hoped. The main thing: it’s done. I can move on to other things. 

Finished project


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