Next Sewing Project

I am waiting on some supplies and a fabric decision from a client to start the next projects. 

She saw my bag when I was in California a few weeks ago. 

‘Carp’ Slouchy Hobo bag, handmade by me

In the meantime, I decided to attempt another prototype for a cross body bag. I love the big slouchy hobo bag, especially in knit night. Just one thing to carry. I have decided it still needs a few tweaks, such as a magnet snap closure and a nice brand label. I have a bit of experimenting to do. 

But plant shopping last week was a bit awkward. I definitely need a sturdy cross body bag that I can sling out of my way and have two free hands to carry around pots. 

Some thought on the cross body bag:

  • Enlarge bag pattern I made for Mom (maybe)
  • Change the strap attachment to a tab and D ring
  • Make the outer pocket a zipper
  • Add a zipper interior pocket
  • Use a lighter color lining
  • Use a textured vinyl for the exterior

Delay that thought for another week. 

The client has made a decision. So excited to be working on this next one.  She pick fabric called Utter Madness. It’s a soft textured microfiber. 

Client fabric choices…hmmm…Which one is Utter Madness?

Next task…finding the right lining and trim. 


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