Road trip: California

This trip was all about family.

Mom, Sister & I flew to the Bay Area for a memorial service for Dad. I have to say, organizing such a thing, long distance is a lot more complicated and difficult. Sister did a great job being the point person in all of this. 

My sister-in-law flew in from the Midwest just a few minutes after our flight. She drove us around the first day. My Hubby drove up from Los Angeles (he was in the middle of a west coast business trip). 

Cousins, aunties & uncles came. Mom is now the eldest in our family. Lots of local friends came. A surprising number really, considering we left California ten years ago. Mom felt like she did very well remembering everyone’s name. My favorite surprise guest was the ring bearer from my parents wedding!

A rare quiet moment at the water

We took every opportunity to view the ocean. Every morning, Hubby and I kept up our walking. 

Sunrise shadow selfies

 My cousin drove us down to Los Angeles to visit with more family and friends. 


Mom’s new favorite shawl

One friend works downtown L.A.  He’s 91 years old and quite a character. Wish I took pictures. Missed that opportunity. 


Rare clear sky view of downtown Los Angeles


Last sunrise walk in Los Angeles


Flying over San Monica

This trip was good for Mom.  

Now it’s time to recover. Jet lag has spun my body clock. I’ve been waking up at 3 am and needing a nap by 8.

Chat with you later. I’m heading back to bed. 




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