Another ZigZag: I’m Dyeing 

I’m dyeing for fun. Oh My God, I had SO MUCH FUN. 

We just finished the natural dye workshop, the Memphis Botanuc Garden, that I mentioned in the post about hunting pokeweed. Melissa Petersen was the instructor, who I met at the Workshop on the River weekend. 

Here’s the bounty from this past weekend. It’s all going to be pictures.  

Attendees to natural dye workshop

Melissa Petersen, natural dye instructor

Months of prep work, dried coreopsis, marigold


harlequin glorybower


shibori experiment on silk crepe de chine scarf


Silk crepe de chine scarf shibori tied, in harlequin glorybower. Needs a longer dyebath.


Mid-process of fresh (red) & fermented (purples) poke weed


Fingering weight superwash wool, natural dyed in fresh pokeweed


Lace weight alpaca/merino natural grey, natural dyed in fresh pokeweed. Felted the wool a bit in the rinse.


Lace weight merino, natural dyed in fermented pokeweed. Color variation from different mordant batches. This was the biggest surprise in color change.


Fingering weight superwash merino, natural dyed in black bean. Definitely the easiest to do at home.


Overdyed with black walnut KnitPicks Alpaca Shimmer (Sorry, no before pictures. It was a peach mauve. I might want to make it darker.)

   If you are interested in dabbling in natural dyes, Melissa is leading another workshop at the Dixon Gallery, October 31.  

Chat next week


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