Hi, My Name Is Joanne …

And I have a stash problem. 

I know this now, because I could not find the yarn for my next road trip project, my Shibui Linen. It seems my memory isn’t what it use to be. This is the first time I couldn’t locate yarn in a short search of the closet. 

Usually, as soon as a new member of stash arrives, I photograph it, log it into Ravelry and put it away in my closet. Wool is organized by weight, cottons and linens are on one shelf. Acrylics are grouped by color.  I have have no idea how to organize by project (needles, pattern, project bag).

This year has not been normal. 

Stitches South, visiting local yarn shops on road trips, road trips & SuperSummerKnittogether (SSK) means more members were added to stash and my process broke down. 


Filter by Kristin Johnstone

One of the newest members, the Shibui Linen, was planned from the beginning to be Filter by Kristin Johnstone. I thought it would be perfect road trip knitting. A few hours of searching I found the first skein. It was on the TOP shelf in a grocery bag on the bedroom of my closet. I suspect the hubby put it there. He had moved all his office stuff into that room. I KNOW he did it. I’m 5’2″ and barely reach that shelf. AND that shelf wasn’t there when it was my room. 

I never found the second skein before the trip. Didn’t I buy two skeins? Do I contact the yarn shop? Too embarrassing…besides, it HAS TO BE HERE…SOMEWHERE!?!?

I finally found it in a project bag all balled up and ready to knit with pattern and needles. Definitely my fault. 

But the rest of the things in that bag were set aside for an undetermined color work project. What was I thinking!!!!

2nd skein hidden in a yarn cozy


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