I Love Test Knitting

OK, I’m weird.

Designers ask for volunteer knitters for various reasons. Usually it’s the last proof reading/knitting before publishing a pattern. 


Test knit for Elizabeth Green Musselman’s Summer in Angers Shawlette

To test knit you must knit EXACTLY what is written as if you were a brand new knitter. But still have enough knowledge to know what the designer MEANT to you to knit.

Test Knit for yardage Miriam Felton’s Dalliance Shawl

I take this role seriously. I can’t be sloppy or casual. I have to sit at a table, notebook & pencil at the ready, & proof-reading each row’s instructions with care. For that reason, I don’t do it often. It takes too much mental restrain. 

You see, friends, I RARELY knit a pattern as written. There is ALWAYS something I have to modify either for fit, aesthetics, or just plain laziness. Most of the time all I want is the gauge, cast on number and the basic stitch pattern and the basic structure. This is one of the reasons I haven’t started knitting sweaters.

Laura Linneman’s Up and Out Socks

Look at my projects page in Ravelry. I try to post all my modifications in the notes. Modifying a pattern is a freedom I enjoy, easy & improvised on the spot.  

Test knitting is satisfying something entirely else.  I LOVE HELPING designers. Exactly what the Johnson O’Connor counselor said about me being a good consultant. Someone who likes to jump in, fix a problem and move on to the next one. That’s me. 

Hmmm…must be why I’m always modifying patterns.

Notes from recent test knitting

If you want to test knit, there are a few forums in Ravelry.  The most active one is The Testing Pool. (I searched in Ravelry’s Groups, for ‘test’.)

The designers I follow tend to post requests on Instagram. I assume some designers use Facebook too.  

Patterns shown:

Summer in Angers by Elizabeth Green Musselman

Dalliance Shawl by Miriam Felton

Up and Out Socks by Laura Linneman


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