Part 5: Did You Know He Has Perfect Pitch?

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Question 1: 

Did you know he has perfect pitch?

That’s the first thing out of the counsellor’s mouth. 

And I’m thinking,’yah, ok…so what?  What does perfect pitch have to do with wanting to be a computer programmer?

Question 2:

Is his room a mess? ….except for one area?

Ok, now this counselor is crazy.

Yes, huge piles of clothes clean and dirty on the floor. Yes, all the computer books are neatly organized in the bookshelf. 

But now I’m really confused. 

What does one have to do with the other?

A lot apparently. 

To someone with perfect pitch, it’s not just sounds that are either on pitch or off. So is the rest of their world. Perfectionist tendencies are ot out of compensation for psychology issues. But more about whether or not he can care about something. 

So the second question confirmed For our son, he chose to only care about computer languages and programming. 

Ok, so I quit expecting him to change.  Solve our biggest family conflict. 


‘You’ll have trouble in a computer company. They don’t care how sloppily written the code is. They only care about how fast you can crank it out.’

You want to write perfect elegant code. It could be difficult for you in that environment. 

The counselor was right.

Except our son loved to write code fast. I think it was a bit of a contest for him to write good code as fast as possible. 

I remember he had to clean up someone else’s work. That other person didn’t write for multiple platforms or backward compatibility. He did it in 24 hours. I think he developed a reputation for troubleshooting. 

And our son figured out a way to merge the company goals with his own. 

He also gained a reputation for creating code that processed data faster and efficiently. It was as elegant as time allowed. But gaming companies want faster and faster reaction times. 

And yes, he now lives his childhood dream in the gaming industry. It was not a straight path and no he’s not one if those gazillionaires in Silicon Valley.  And there are other things he has grown to care about besides code. 

Some of that’s explained in the next post.

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