The New Hobo Slouch Bag: Instructions Needed

It’s definitely good to have lots of people test my bags. Family are definitely honest which is greatly appreciated. 

Turns out, my sister wears it opposite of the way I designed it. 

She wants the exterior zipper pocket on the outside where she can easily get to her keys.  (I guess I’ll have to make a custom bag for her.) When I explained the design, she said I needed to tell everyone. 

So here goes….

Body side versus public side:

I designed the exterior zipper pocket for your oversized smart phone and wallet. The side that I would put closest to me. Let’s call it the body side. 


Black Ikat Slouchy Hobo bag, body side

The big pleat is the public side of the bag. 
Here’s my wacky logic. I needed a way to easily see which side is public versus body. 


Black Ikat Slouchy Hobo bag, public side

Because of the bottom.  The bottom is MY own solution to a long term problem I have always had with should bags. 

All bags have a square, round, rectangular, oval shaped bottom or no real bottom. A heavy bag at the base of  straps pivot at the shoulder bounces against a curved surface (my side). That bag rolls, twists, bounces off. Result: I couldn’t keep any bag on my shoulders. They all dropped down from my shoulders. (Except in the 1980’s when we wore those big shoulder pads. The ONLY reason I miss those shoulder pads.)

So what if I made the bag hug instead of bounce against my side?  


I cut an inside curve or basically a kidney shape.  Yeah!!! This worked. 

Left side pocket:

I’m right handed, I usually carry my bag on the right side. The left side pocket is designed for all the things I was easy & quick access. Keys, glasses, sunglasses, and pens. The left pocket has smaller pockets for these items and a snap clasp on a ribbon for keys. 

If you always carry your bag on your left side. Let me know. I’ll make the small pockets on the opposite side of the bag. 


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