Adjusting Slowly, Getting Better

I just want to tell you that my 90+ year old dad died last month. He died peacefully and surrounded by family. 

We are adjusting.  To keep Mom’s stress level as even or as low as possible, I’m splitting my days between Memphis and Nashville. It’s a four hour (four rest stops) drive.  Besides my sister has been carrying the heavily load for several years caring for them both.  It’s my turn. 

 I’ve set up a makeshift sewing studio in Mom’s dining room. The entrance floor is my cutting floor. It works. Except when I forget to bring things like thread and fabric. Duh! (Note to self: don’t forget the iron)

To be honest, it’s fun to work side by side with her. And my sister has volunteered to help as well. But better still, Sister is going to setup and take over my accounting. 

Makeshift sewing studio

I know there’s more learning curves ahead. It’s one thing to make bags by myself. It’s a whole other thing to systematize the process for someone else. 

Chat with you later. 


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