Dear LYS, How to Sell to Me

Invite me to an event I would want to attend, because it’s at least a 90 minute drive each way. You are the only reason I would go to your cute town. Besides that, I have an LYS 2 miles from my house. I need a really really good excuse to justify the drive. 

The enticement: A yarn I’ve wanted to experience. Knit1 Oxford had a Shibui yarn tasting event!


Knit1 Oxford, photo courtesy of Kathy Berkshire

Have a relaxed intimate atmosphere, I’m a knitter ( I am introverted and reserve). Too many people around means I get confused or stressed and unable to make decisions. (I’m so glad we came early.)

Have plenty of samples to try on and that would fit.  I did try on just about everything. Most were misses, but the one hit, I LOVE.  Have a decent mirror. 

BTW, I was too busy trying things on or petting yarn to take any pictures.  I completely forgot.  Most images are courtesy of the shop or snagged of Ravelry. Links are included. 


Knit1 Oxford staff, photo snagged from their website

Have knowledgable people, because I want to learn more or I might have skipped over that ONE item.  I would not have looked at the cape pattern if your rep didn’t insist I look though the book.  No buyers remorse, but I need to say, this is THE most expensive garment I will have. 

I loved seeing how Shibui combines different yarns for different effects. Verifies what I already planned to do with repurposing the cashmere thrift shop sweaters. Doesn’t this justify or balance out?

My original intention before stepping into your shop: checking out Quince & Co.’s linen yarns for summer knitting and maximum spending limit of $50-60.  Very few LYSs are distributors of Quince yarns.  But guess what, being able to test knit the Shibui Linen made a big decision difference for me. 

Shibui Pebble and Silk Cloud in Graphite, Shibui Linen in Fjord, & Louet Lace in French Blue

Result of your efforts: multiples beyond my original budget. Silk/mohair and merino for a very warm winter cape (Cirrus by Nancy O’Connell), a funky pattern from (Monochrome Filter by Kristen Johnstone), and oh yeah, as an afterthought, some linen, more Shibui and Louet lace. 


Cirrus cape, Ravelry photo


Monochrome Filter by Kristen Johnstone

Nice job Patsy and Kathy. 

BTW, I just found tops at a steep discount to wear with my new yarns. See…..


Shibui Linen yarn matches Tahari t-shirt

It was meant to be.  


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