SSK 2015 Competitions

SSK: Super Summer Knittogether is a knitting retreat going on it’s fifth year. The event is organized by the Knitgirllls podcasters, Laura and Leslie.  Attendance is limited to 150. Acceptance is by lottery. 

If you made it through the lottery, you would know a few weeks after the lottery is posted September or October.  Since people usually drop out for various reasons, you still have a chance with the wait list. 2014, I had to wait until Feburary before I was in.  I had a great time considering it was my first retreat.  Last year someone dropped out the day before the retreats started, and someone was available to come.

This year, as of May 22nd, I’m STILL on the wait list. And my heart is still racing from what just happened a few minutes ago. There were a few openings after the deadline of their full financial commitment. Today at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time, those spots were opened up on a first come first serve basis on their Ravelry forum. I am so glad I asked Eloise for tips.  I was ready at 11:00 central time. Even checked my download and upload speeds.  (T-mobile rocked at 50 Mbps versus 10 on my home network.). 

Even so, I am number 21 on this list. I’m staying on the list. But am not hopeful that 20 people will suddenly drop out.  I suppose I’ll know in a few days if I made it or not.  I wonder if I’m going to be THAT person this year, getting a notification the day before. 

If this is what indie yarn acquisition is like, I was right to stay away from their updates. I’m not desperate for any yarn. And I don’t need the stress of a feeding frienzy


SSK KALs (Knit ALongs) are not really competitions. I think they are wonderfully planned to get acquainted with the instructors’ and other attendees’ designs, as well as the vendors’ wares. You are working for door prize tickets drawn at the opening and closing ceremonies.  So it’s not a direct competition. 

Even so, clearly competition must be some people’s main motivator. 

I am participating in the KALs.  Just in case I do get in. Ok, so maybe I am just a bit competitive. But but but there are some who’ve knit 10,000 yards!  I might have totaled 3,000-4,000 so far. 

 Always hopeful. 


in progress My Love shawl by Laura Linneman,


Little Arrowhead Kace shawl by MJ Mucklestone. i joined the ends for a mobious cowl


Hayward shawl by Susan B. Anderson


Apple hats by Susan B. Anderson


Quaker Ridge shawl by Susan B. Anderson


Hayward shawl by Susan B. Anderson. yes, I knit it twice. the first time as a cowl.



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