Failure Is Not The Opposite of Success

Yes. You probably hear or read business books authors talking about this. 

Here are three examples: (I’ll probably add more links as I find them)

Very entertaining Freakonomics Radio, Failure Is Your Friend

Why the Best Stories Often Begin with Failure, Smithsonian Magazine 

What If the Secret to Success Is Failure, NYTimes

I wish it were taught in public schools instead of the current ‘teach to the test’ process or when I was in school. It is a skill that I had to learn the hard way with time and slow change. 
I’m just glad it change. 

I love my first purse, the linen cross body bag. It did need improvements, better pockets for the smart phone, keys, wallet, 3 pairs of glasses, and ideally enough space for a knitting project.
A bit hubris, I thought just enlarging it and making it in leather. Total fail.  Fortunately, I was sacrificing a black leather skirt from the thrift shop.  The issues, I couldn’t solve the strap connection, yet again. So I gave up. Tossed in the (UnFinished Object) UFO bin. That bin is getting full. Sigh. 

Failed leather bag

So I moved on to another idea. A big slouchy bag.

The bag is too big, too slouchy. Again I’m having problems with the connection to the straps. But at least it’s done and I can road test.  Using it brings up ones issues. 

In the meantime, I found a source for leather straps, eyelets and rivets. My salvation! I can fix the connection issue!

Iterations begin:

  • Lower exterior slope (for cross body option)
  • Add an exterior zipper
  • Add a lining
  • Add better inside pockets. 

Then I figured a way to convert it to a backpack. Have decided this is not worth the extra work.  

I gave the three to my knitting friends, Eloise, Gail and Maggie to road test. 


3 versions prototype bags

They like the last two iterations enough to keep them after some changes. Woo hoo. Success!

More experiments. Maybe something smaller. Better inside pockets. 

But oh….I love the newest bag. I’m going to road test this one. I think I’ll need another one in faux leather for winter. 

Now the question will be, do I make them for the Etsy shop?  

This one is NOT a failure. Slouchy Hobo bag


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