Road Trip: New England, Cambridge

People Watching Observations, Winter 2015

  • Indigenous attire is gender neutral: water proof shoes or boots, jeans, heavy winter jacket, hipster big scarf, slouchy knit hat and back pack (must use back pack). Substitute a tweedy jacket with classic elbow patches and you could pass as a professor.
  • Must walk with a purpose, no doddering, always in a hurry to the next task. Don’t forget to be deep in thought or texting.  Weather (at record snow levels) will not stop you. 
  • Ear buds and smart phone at the ready to avert any human interaction. Most important on the T (the local rail transit).

Taking a picture of the natives felt intrusive. 

3 am, someone is walking in the fresh snow

Except this incident where a young neighbor had just shoveled out the elderly gentleman’s car.  I wonder how long that took?  Only the top foot above is snow. The cars are really encased in ice. 

Cambridge 2015 snowmagedon, neighbor helping neighbor

Enough of people watching. 

My all time favorite place: the Harvard Natural History Museum (also known as the Peabody).  I just need to remember to go in the afternoon. All the galleries are swamped with school kids taking selfies in the morning. 

There are the amazing turn of the century glass flowers, by Leopold Blaschka (1822-1895) and his son Rudolf (1857-1939). I have loved them ever since I was a kid. Impossible to photograph because of their protective glass cases and low light.  They were used for botanical studies, so are an accurate representative.  

The best part were the newly discovered works, tucked away in other biology departments’ specimen drawers, other glass models by the same father and son artisans. Theses little creatures are much more photogenic. Aren’t they cute!


Sacoglossan Sea Slug glass model, Ercolania viridis, Peabody Museum, Harvard,

picture of Sacoglossan sea slug, Peabody Museum, Harvard

Sacoglossan sea slug glass model, Stiliger ornatus, Peabody Museum, Harvard


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