Stitches South Debriefing

I knew it was going to be big. But I was not prepared. 

I’ve watched Instagram long enough to know that some booths will be swamped (Bliss had Miss Babs yarns, Plucky Knitter & YOTH). 
I have no agenda except to say hi to Deb at The Bliss booth, buy a souvenir with Karen at Fringe & Co. And see what other knitting bags were out there in the world.  All I really planned was to tagged along with experienced SSK friends.


Before Saturday opening of Stitches South 2015

We got near the entrance around 9:30. We expected to be there at 9:15 but it took much longer to park and walk. In the 30 minutes we waited, I couldn’t see the end of the line. I’m guessing there were a few hundred. 

While waiting I learned a strategy that makes sense. BEFORE coming, get the booth map, check each vendors’ website and Instagram to understand who they are, start selecting your yarn choices before you show up at the entrance. 

I’ve heard others were more methodical color code vendors locations, yarns, color ways, & needed yardage/weight. There were serious knitters, more serious than me. 

Others in line clearly had objectives.  

I was casually looking for linen. The cotton shawl or cowl I’m currently knitting is heavy. I want something light for summer.  I never found it. Instead, while others were discussing which KnitPicks needles to buy in the LostCityKnits booth too long, I fell in love with a scarf knit with the Jamison & Smith Shetland lace yarns. (Check this off my stash bucket list.  Yeah, it’s a mental list. I guess I should write it down.)


Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme Lace, shade white


The same thing happened at The Buffalo Wool Company. I did not know they were going to be there. And it was on my long term stash bucket list to knit one of their yarns.  I’m still in shock what I paid for one skein. I’ll have to find a project quickly.  Otherwise, I’m afraid it will become too precious to knit. 

Sexy base, The Buffalo Wool Co., Baby Makin’ Blue

But the thing that gave me a sore arm: a new steam iron for the business. I’m excited. A percentage of my original bags were damaged from the old iron. I finally gave up using some materials because of it. There’s a DVD that I have to watch before using it. Hope it’s not too complicated. 

So I am set. 

How many times am I going to say that and still buy yarn?  About 3 weeks, as it turns out, I just signed up for a Shubui yarn tasting at KnitOneOxford.


3 thoughts on “Stitches South Debriefing

  1. Gail Ray

    I knew that there would be wall to wall people there, ladies and their yarns. I did think the layout was better than the stitches we went to in Atlanta. Glad I went.

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